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It is much easier to reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories a day and get the same fat loss as swimming for an hour straight. If you put in your estimated bf% or waist in inches, it will also tell you the Minimum Recommended Daily Calories.
So if your TDEE is something like 2,000 and the minimum recommended daily calories are just 1,000, you could probably eat at up to a 1,000 calorie deficit without losing muscle mass.
So some people can eat at a 500 caloric deficit and some can eat more than a 1,000cal deficit allowing them to (theoretically) lose 2lbsof fat a week (1000x7days=7000=2lbs of fat). I think you have it the wrong way around, cutting calories is the only sure-fire way of losing fat. In versus out calories is a nice short term fix, but fixing the diet would keep results and have more of a life impact.
The thing about the Marathon runner vs the Sprinter picture… is that the sprinter shown is well known as having taken steroids!
I was going for paleo anyway, and this post just gave me the motivation, thank god I trolled reddit and found this post, haha!
Hello, my name is Antranik and I have a passion for all things relating to the body and mind. Rings Oriented Intermediate Bodyweight Training RoutineMy rings program provides the detailed progressions for building strength, learning dozens of fun skills, and provides a good mix of mobility and prehab accessory exercises that keep you feeling great!
Keep up to date with everything Aesthetic, drop your email in the box below and recieve our newsletter. In the past 15 years, extensive research has been published regarding the abdominal muscles.
The actions of these muscles can be determined by the direction of the muscles fibers that make up each muscle. Once you know the anatomy, you will understand why I tell you that the crunches and sit-ups you may be doing or have done in the past need to go! This month’s Build a Better Body exercises will help you learn how to activate transversus abdominus with the abdominal brace exercise, and then we will show you a few ways to progress this exercise by adding the moving weight of your legs while keeping your trunk and pelvis stable.
The suspension trainer is a more effective route to acquiring those six-pack abs that you’ve always dreamed about.
Suspension training is a unique means of performing bodyweight exercises that simultaneously enhance strength, balance, flexibility and core stability by utilizing the affects of gravity and using one’s own bodyweight as a resistance tool. By placing the body in an unstable state, your core is even more engaged as the body fights to re-stabilize itself.
The suspension training philosophy is based on the premise that every movement, whether in a gym, on sports field, or in everyday life, is whole body movement. In my professional opinion, suspension training is unequivocally the most versatile form of exercise that you will ever undertake. The flexibility of suspension training is suitable for all ability levels, from beginners, to seniors, and to those of you that exercise regularly.
The number of different ab exercises and workout variations you can do with suspension straps are practically limitless.

Here’s one ab exercise that will strengthen your abdominals, the Suspension Pike, performed here by client Katie, who has great form on her first attempt (and she loved the different way of working her abs).
The ab muscles also reached are deeper and closer to the spine which has more effect in improving your body posture. The 500-calorie deficit coupled with weight-training is mentioned in the post just to help beginners get an idea of one of the ways they can go about losing weight and building muscle.  The best way to know if this would be the right thing for you would be to input your stats into a calculator. It’s not really accurate to say one will go hungry if they want to lose body fat though. There are 6 abdominal muscles altogether and it is the rectus abnominus that and has achieved the very popular name of the “Six Pack” The other abdominal muscles are deeper into the body and the Transverse abdominis is the abdominal muscle that gives the most support to the spine by surrounding the torso. Also they give core strength for supporting the lower back, keeping the spine in alignment and maintain good posture.
For example, rectus abdominus muscle fibers run vertically from the bottom of your rib cage to the joint in the front of the base of your pelvis. Research points to transversus abdominus as the primary spine stabilizing muscle, as our brain will actually activate this muscle to stabilize our trunk before we even activate a muscle anywhere else to perform our intended motor movement.
The ab brace may also be performed in sitting, standing, or lying on your stomach with a pillow under your stomach. Slowly and smoothly, lift one leg at the hip a few inches off the floor and then back down to the floor.
Fully extend the knee of one leg, and then slowly lower the leg toward the floor until you feel that your spine and pelvis are about to lose their stable position, then slowly return your leg to the start position.
Although there is no exercise that targets your belly fat, because we all now know that there is no such thing as spot fat reduction. Your abs support your core (in anatomy, the core refers, in its most general of definitions, to the body minus the legs and arms).
2) the external oblique muscles – which are the most superficial of the flat muscles at the side of your abs. This will tell you your basal metabolic rate, which are the amount of calories you burn in a day if you were in a coma (basically sleeping in bed all day).  It will also spit out your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) which is the actual amount of calories you burn given your activity level (because nobody is in a coma all day). Eating less than the recommended amount increases the chance of your body catabolizing (breaking down; catabolism is the opposite of anabolism) its own muscle mass for fuel. Instead of just cutting 500 calories incorporating a healthier diet could have the same impact. And the fat that is in your food has no connection to losing body fat, the main reason people talk about fat is because it is extremely calorie dense, hence easy to overeat. They think that protein supplements are bad because if you consume far too much protein it can cause damage to your kidney.
Diet plays an immense part in obtaining those abs and basically, combined with any of the many workout routines you can do, diet control for the abdominal area is vital. The internal oblique muscles are either side of the torso and also support the spine and are responsible for turning movements. Good abs even before they are visual will help posture and protect your back from overworking.

Even though most of us have only heard of the rectus abdomins muscle (RA) aka, the six pack muscle we are all in search of, there are actually 3 other muscles that also make up the abdominal group of muscles in our trunk that are far more critical to stabilizing our trunk during functional activities. This means that the action of this muscle is to flex your trunk- like bending forward to touch your toes. The internal and external obliques assist in this process, but really TA is what we need to strengthen.
As easy as it looks, to actually do it right, you will need a clear head and a lot of concentration, as this is actually one of the hardest exercises I teach. 3) the transverse abdominus – are a significant component of your core and are the ab muscles on the front and side of your abdominal wall and is deep to your oblique muscles. The external oblique muscles are located also on either side of the torso and do the same job as the internal oblique muscles but to a lesser degree. These muscles include the transversus abdominus (TA), aka, built-in back brace muscle, and the internal and external obliques. In contrast, transversus abdominus consists of fibers that run horizontally and are the deepest fibers in your abdominal group of muscles, acting to brace and hold in your abdominal contents, working synergistically with your back muscles to create a stable column of support around your trunk during every trunk and extremity movement you make. They only work the rectus abdominus, and some high quality research has shown that across the board, our rectus abdominus is already our strongest muscle and over-dominant compared to the other three abdominal muscle groups.
Sadly, research shows that it is TA that tends to be the weakest of the four abdominal muscles, even if research subjects have never suffered a back injury.
It takes patients and exercise clients alike about a week of daily practice to really get it and hone in on just activating transversus abdominus in relative isolation without also activating rectus abdominus at the same time.
Hint B: It may help to try to feel the muscle as you try to activate it with your fingertips 3 inches laterally from your belly button on either side. Just as their name suggests, the internal and external obliques run in an oblique or diagonal fashion, criss-crossing each other while connecting the rib cage and pelvis to provide further support to the trunk during functional activities when the trunk requires stability.
Not only is the muscle already strong, but because of the direction of its muscle fibers, it does nothing to actually stabilize the spine.
If you have a history of a back injury, many research subjects cannot effectively activate this muscle, as the body’s automatic system of pre-activation of the muscle to stabilize the trunk before performing other movements becomes reduced and interrupted by back pain.
They don’t see the easier way of eating less protein in your diet and still taking the optimum protein for recovery when you need it. Remember to give yourself a week with the abdominal brace before moving on to the progressions with the leg lifts.
Not only that, it doesn’t need any more work because it already tends to be pretty strong, especially compared with the other three muscles in the abdominal group (there are exceptions to this rule, such as those who have been recently pregnant, or have undergone surgeries with incisions that have interrupted this muscle). For those of us in the general population and even those in the categories I just mentioned, further work to this area could actually further increase the muscle imbalance with the other abdominal muscles, actually reducing our core strength when we need it most to stabilize our spine.

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