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Muscles of abs, neck pain when turning head right - How to DIY

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Probably the two hardiest muscle groups for most people to train and grow is the calves (well, legs for that matter) and the abs.
Sure there are some genetic gifted lads out there that just blow up by looking at a protein shake but for us average folks it sometimes is close to impossible to get hose two muscle groups to grow and respond effectively with training. But for us average folk, there is a good reason why calves and abs don’t respond the same as other muscle groups to training. For just about everything you do, these 2 muscle groups are active and busy working while all the other muscles groups only get used infrequently as when needed.
What it boils down to is that calves and abs specifically have a type of muscle makeup that respond to different type of training type and frequency than all other muscle groups. Training other muscle groups more than once a week is moving very close to overtraining, which will mean a decrease in muscle size as well as feeling exhausted the whole time. Slot calves and abs in once a week before a training session and once a week after a training session and on the last day of training do them on their own.
Obviously all the other factors needs to be in place: eating for muscle growth, resting well enough and train wisely. In any case, the soleus is predominantly a slow twitch muscle as it is more involved in overall stability (what rehab types often call a tonic muscle) of the ankle complex.  The difference in fiber type between the gastroc and soleus has implications for training that I’ll get to at the end.

I honestly think this is where the idea of doing massively high reps on calves came from: when you bounce, you use such a tiny amount of muscular effort with each rep, that you have to do hundreds of reps to get the muscle to feel anything at all.
So if your TDEE is something like 2,000 and the minimum recommended daily calories are just 1,000, you could probably eat at up to a 1,000 calorie deficit without losing muscle mass. There are 6 abdominal muscles altogether and it is the rectus abnominus that and has achieved the very popular name of the “Six Pack” The other abdominal muscles are deeper into the body and the Transverse abdominis is the abdominal muscle that gives the most support to the spine by surrounding the torso. The 500-calorie deficit coupled with weight-training is mentioned in the post just to help beginners get an idea of one of the ways they can go about losing weight and building muscle.  The best way to know if this would be the right thing for you would be to input your stats into a calculator. Hitting them with a higher frequency than once a week is just about the only way that most of us is going to get a decent growth response from calves and abs. Diet plays an immense part in obtaining those abs and basically, combined with any of the many workout routines you can do, diet control for the abdominal area is vital.
The internal oblique muscles are either side of the torso and also support the spine and are responsible for turning movements. Good abs even before they are visual will help posture and protect your back from overworking.
If you have too much fat in the stomach, then no matter how much crunches and leg workouts you do, you will not be able to see perfectly chiseled abs.

Eating less than the recommended amount increases the chance of your body catabolizing (breaking down; catabolism is the opposite of anabolism) its own muscle mass for fuel. The external oblique muscles are located also on either side of the torso and do the same job as the internal oblique muscles but to a lesser degree.
The most effective thing you can do to achieve perfectly carved abs is to correct your diet. So you need to have a meal plan during the day that will help you reduce body fat and reveal your abs.
If you train your abs by doing one and the same exercise in endless series, you will not activate any of the manners in which they can grow like any other muscle in your body.

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