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The wrestling also ushered in what would become one of the most defining aspects of Kinnikuman: the character designs.
By the time Kinkeshi fell out of popularity in 1988, Bandai had cranked out 418 unique figures.
Later in the series, Mattel tried shaking things up by offering the same figures in colors other than the standard flesh tone plastic.
One rare figure is known as Satan Cross (above), a four-armed gladiator with a hole in his lower back. One of the biggest successes lately has been Squinkies, those tiny, rubbery figures of Disney Princesses, Barbie, The Avengers, Star Wars, and WWE wrestlers, among other popular properties.
In 1984, Mattel were looking to launch a new collectable figure range and decided the Japanese Kinkeshi figures were the perfect line to launch quickly. Instead of being an impressive figure, though, the titular fin-headed hero was an inept, bumbling wannabe who was reluctantly called upon to fight the bad guys when all the other chojin were busy. Keshi figures are usually about 2 inches tall, often feature highly-detailed sculpts, and are made out of solid, durable plastic. More traditional Kinnikuman action figures have since followed, but few have matched the popularity of the kinkeshi toys.

The figures were the toy line for Kinnikuman (above), a manga introduced in 1979 by Yudetamago, the pen name of creative duo Takashi Shimada (writer) and Yoshinori Nakai (artist). As the series matured, the stories shifted focus to an intense intergalactic form of professional wrestling, where an ever-revolving stable of surreal combatants with specialized, bone-crushing, blood-spouting finishing moves fought it out in the ring. To celebrate the toy line’s 29th anniversary in 2008, Bandai released a massive collector’s box set that included every figure, plus DVDs of the complete anime series. Most basic figures can be purchased fairly inexpensively, ranging between 50 cents and $2 each, making it a fun hobby with a minimal investment necessary.
However, Mattel required the figures to be manufactured out of a harder plastic, in a darker pink colour and also slightly larger in size. The Terri-Bull was a completely new sculpt, while MuscleMan is a smaller version of the poster figure #141 but with a rectangular belt buckle. With the 4 Packs you could see which figures were getting, whilst the 10 Pack Trash Can was opaque so you couldn’t really make out which figures were inside, although if you are familiar with the figures you can make them out by shaking it around a few times. There probably was an intention to release more figures from the Kinkeshi line but the popularity dropped with the rise of Nintendo so they were never put into production.
The Mega-Match board game came with a green version of the Terri-Bull wrestling ring sculpt but was unique to the game.

It utilizes all of the currently available information and presents it as a visual guide for quick, easy referencing of figures.
One theory is that Satan Cross might be one the characters that was going to be part of the next wave of figures. This meant that school-aged children could easily buy a figure from a vending machine using loose change, making them an instant hit with kids.
Not only did it look cool hanging on your wall, it was the only official index of figures available for the toy line. It's possible that the manufacturing costs for the legs made the figure too expensive to produce, so it was canceled, and the few that had already been made were tossed onto the market.

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