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Muscle snatch, work out plans for abs - How to DIY

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For longer than I can remember the muscle snatch was a movement that I did within the context of a warm-up and in complexes.  Exclusively. To be honest I didn’t have a good relationship with the muscle snatch.  We were not friends. Recently however thanks to my good friend Coach Dos,  the muscle snatch has become a friend that shares the same goals as me, and my athletes.
Like the traditional snatch the movement contains a 1st pull (initiation of the movement from the floor or low hang position), a 2nd pull (the rapid acceleration of the bar at the mid-thigh position), unlike the snatch the muscle snatch contains no 3rd pull (the movement or re-bend of the knees under the bar).
From there the movement is entirely the same to the traditional snatch until the time that the athlete would normally reach the 3rd pull.  Rather than pulling underneath the bar the movement becomes a press to completion.

Athletes can use either a clean (close) or snatch (wide) grip to do the movement.  Choice of grip is dependent upon whether you are seeking improvement in the clean or the snatch movement. Here is a video of me laying down some muscle snatches as I work up to a PR.  Thanks to Coach Dos for the inspiration to use these to get really strong. It was a tool that I used to warm-up, before I felt that my neuromuscular system was ready to pull some big weights fast.  Once I felt primed and ready, regular snatching would commence and life would be good again. I have found that the muscle snatch is a great tool to develop technique, strength, and power. The muscle snatch is an excellent technique tool for improvement in the traditional Olympic lifts.

There is a speed component involved so it falls towards the power side of training, but by inhibiting the re-bend at the catch, some of the speed of the actual snatch is lost.  Its kind of a tweener and I like it.

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