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I tried Youfoods for a number of weeks and was impressed with the quality of the meat (no fat whatsoever!) and the taste.
The quality of the meat was fairly average; meals often had a lot of fat – not what I expected from this company!
I may review this company in future once they deliver here, but you’ll need to make up your own mind for now. Please leave a comment below and let me know what your experience has been like, or if you’d like me to review another provider that delivers to my area.

Delicious meals prepared fresh each week by our chefs and delivered locally to a gym, supplement store or direct to your Home and Office. All meals were delicious… but sadly some of the snacks were waaay too sweet for my liking. Muscle Meals Direct takes all the hard work out of preparing food by providing freshly cooked meals that are portion controlled, cooked fresh each week and delivered to an outlet near to you. Overall though, they have all been flavoursome and filling, and the meat of a fairly high standard (ie.

Muscle Meals are an ideal tool to allow you to concentrate on your training and recovery as they are perfect for anyone too busy to prepare, cook and eat clean fresh food all the time.
I found I was having to eat two meals per sitting to get the carb & protein levels my trainer needed me to.

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