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Muscle building programs for ectomorphs, best supplement to burn fat - How to DIY

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There are a ton of studies looking into the best exercises for activating certain muscle groups, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The largest and most thorough muscle-building genetics study found that skinny guys build muscle faster than anyone else (study). We devoured every single bit of ectomorph muscle-building information tidbit we could find, from blog to book to eBook. A couple weeks later, homemade ectomorph workout and nutrition plan in hand, we started bodybuilding our little hearts out. We may not have had the best form or have been doing the best exercises, but damn we were dedicated. It turns out that the mainstream approach to bodybuilding is one of the silliest ways to build muscle as an ectomorph or a hardgainer.
By having our nutrition so perfectly dialled in we were able to produce a bunch of really positive effects for our health, appetite, physique, energy levels and strength.
Hell, we were even building muscle faster than we’d ever seen anyone else build muscle.
While Jared and I had been studying design, building websites and writing music, Marco had been studying health sciences, working as a personal trainer, travelling around the continent to attend cutting edge seminars, interning at top athletic performance facilities, and eventually training pro athletes.
At that point we started getting more emails from people who had seen our blog posts, and many of our friends were starting to ask for advice. The next thing we realized was that most programs out there really don’t do a good job of giving you a flexible meal plan. We decided to make a recipe book packed full of the best muscle-building recipes out there. A couple months later with a lot of the writing done and the training program filmed, it was to the point were we could start testing it. If you want to master this once and for all and gain 20-30 pounds over the next couple of months check out our full step-by-step muscle-building system for naturally skinny dudes – complete with training program, nutrition program, recipe book, exercise videos, members community and individualized coaching from us.
The members of our program post their before photos in our community area and then update it phase by phase (every 5 weeks). Everyone is built a little differently, and it’s rare to find someone who is entirely ectomorphic.
As for what results you can expect, most of the guys going through our program who apply themselves and stick with it gain around 20 pounds in the first couple phases, and then either go on to gain more, or decide to trim off some fat or whatnot. As a hardgainer, you should understand that your genetic capacity for muscle growth is not quite on the same level as those lucky, genetically gifted mesomorphs, who can put on muscle just by thinking about bench pressing! You’re going to have to train smarter, be more disciplined, and have the perseverance to overcome the genetic shortcomings of the ectomorph body type you’ve been endowed with. That being said, you should have no fear… even as an ectomorph you can build muscle and develop an impressive physique.
As an ectomorph, your metabolism is in overdrive, meaning you are rather lean, and thin and experience difficulty in gaining weight of any kind (muscle or fat.) You most likely lack significant physical strength and this is obvious because you are also lacking in muscle mass.
As you may have guessed or probably know from experience, all of these characteristics are not favorable in your quest to pack on muscle mass, size, and strength. In fact, lots of ectomorphs have gone on to make incredible transformations adding 20, 30, 50, even 100+ pounds to their smaller sized frames in a matter of months rather than years. Besides all of the seeming draw-backs of being a skinny ectomorph tying to pack on some quality muscle, we do have a couple of advantages over the other body types.
Of course you’d prefer to have more muscle, who wouldn’t, but in order to realize this goal you must first accept yourself for the way you are, where you are, and who you are.
You MUST stop focusing on the negatives and start being grateful for the positive aspects of being an ectomorph.
Knowing your body types advantages and disadvantages is a vital key to unlocking the door to muscle growth and positive change.
With the proper training, nutrition and recovery methods you can totally transform your body and reach the true potential of your ectomorph genetics WITHOUT USING DRUGS LIKE STEROIDS. EXHIBIT B: Anthony Ellis was able to gain 32 lbs in only twelve weeks by following a basic workout program of three days a week.
EXHIBIT C: Through hard work and dedication, I was able to pack on thirty pounds of muscle and jump from 130lbs to 160lbs. So as you now realize, the ectomorph who wants to gain muscle is starting off at a huge disadvantage in comparison to guys blessed with better muscle-building genetics. On the other hand, there is little you can do but take steroids and if any skinny guy puts on monster muscles says they did it naturally, they are lying.
Great article though, can you recommend any specific exercises for the ecto or does it not matter and just do the usual deadlifts and squats etc.
I have been researching and exercising for I’d say some two months or so and I have build some nice muscle. I am an ectomorph and I have always been kinda jealous on my other friends that have gained muscle way faster. Check out the tons of free articles on our website by Tom Venuto, who is a meso-endo and author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. So, this supplement plan assumes that you’re an ectomorph with a weightlifting and nutrition plan.
The fact that you’ll be consuming these supplements in liquid form makes this combo even more significant for us ectomorphs.

As far as brands go we’ve done our best to hook you up with the most reliable ones offering the best products for the best prices. I’m going to explain the four different muscle-building powerhouse supplements that we recommend.
Some guys joke that creatine supports the entire muscle-building supplement industry, and that isn’t too far from the truth. Muscle can only by synthesized out of amino acids (found in protein) so a shortage of those can easily slow down your efforts.
It will take a few weeks for your body to reach maximum levels from steadily taking it, so If you want to load up on creatine quickly just take three or four 3-5g doses for the first week (if you take more you’ll just pee it out). For most of us skinny guys, who often have trouble consuming enough calories, this is the magic formula we’ve been missing.
That first month went so well that we decided to expand our muscle-building pact to four months, and by the end of those four months the Bony Boys were a thing of the past.
At first it was a little discouraging, because absolutely everything mainstream is targeted at people looking to lose fat, not build muscle. We may not have had an appetite for food, but skinny desk-bound computer junkies that we were, we certainly had an appetite for information. One is that nutrition is rarely a factor in studies looking into weightlifting, and weightlifting is rarely a factor in studies looking into muscle-building nutrition.
This allowed them to absolutely annihilate a muscle group each session, which was cool, because they had enhanced abilities to recover from that intense weightlifting onslaught. While our workouts might not have been perfect for building muscle, our diet sure as hell was. We were still doing a mishmash of training routines, but more and more of our lifts were big compound lifts, more postural and strength work was being worked in, and we were ditching a lot of our mainstream bro-science bodybuilding habits for evidence-based bodybuilding, strength training and athletic conditioning stuff. We wound up building Marco a blog, and to return the favour Marco offered to help us out with our ectomorph strength and muscle endeavours. That was one of the things Jared and I struggled with the most, since all the other information out there is for guys who can effortlessly eat tons of food.
The shirt I’m wearing in the Program video doesn’t fit my arms or shoulders anymore! The Bony to Beastly program now also includes a membership to that community, and coaching from Marco and I throughout the entire process. I would guess you’d gain somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds, depending on how much weight training experience and muscle mass you already have. Bench press for the fronts and middle of your shoulders, and chins (or variants) for the width of your upper back, traps and the backs of your shoulders. Mind, we aren’t trying to become pro bodybuilders here, so we knew they were also totally unnecessary for us. His body type in this picture would now be considered an Ecto-mesomorph because of all the muscle mass he has added. Since this website is dedicated to helping ectomorphs realize their full genetic potential, we will be focusing our attention on this body type specifically. The extreme ectomorph has a fragile and delicate physique, with a lighter skeletal structure, small wrists and joints. Just because you do not have the genetic propensity to become a massive pro-bodybuilder does not mean you cannot pack on slabs of lean muscle mass to your body. Not only that, but there are even some unique benefits to being an ectomorph that you may not have considered.
Less looks like more: Because of the ectomorph’s smaller skeletal structure a little muscle goes a long way. Melting the Fat Away: The ectomorph has a super fast metabolism making fat burning particularly easy. Enjoying your Food: Because of the ectomorph’s rapid metabolism, one must eat tons of high quality food to grow and maintain their muscle gains. It is important to remember that you cannot achieve muscle hypertrophy (aka growth) by working against your body. However, once the ectomorph accepts this and decides to start using a training and nutrition program that is designed with the ectomorph body type in mind… good things start to happen!
But if we can only choose what type of body we want, I would choose the ectomorph since I love eating but I do not want to gain weight. I have been skinny all my life and even though I used to eat more than my friends I never gained muscle nor fat. But they usually stop and think that they will keep the muscles even without training, while I have continued and today I have way more muscle than them. I have found that when muscle growth comes easy to people they don’t seem to cherish it like a skinny guy does. Be sure to include lots of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, rows, planks, and other body weight exercises to build a solid foundation for your joints and skeletal structure. Just work on slowly transitioning both in decreasing your cardio temporarily so you can focus on building musce… and in increasing your calories. This is about leveraging ectomorph appetite tricks, insulin sensitivity and muscle-building fundamentals in order to allow us to consume enough calories to build muscle.
These are hands down the most effective and most thoroughly researched supplements for ectomorphs trying to build lean muscle mass.

The carbohydrates that you eat are all converted into glucose, at which point your body can store them for use as a fuel source. This particular type of sugar, glucose derived from corn, is one of the cheapest foods on the planet, digests extremely quickly, and is a dirt cheap source of muscle-building carbs. Hell, it took a long time to figure out what we even were: ectomorphs, because of our small bone structure and long lanky limbs, and hardgainers, because of our muscle-resistant muscle fibres (slow twitch muscle fibres) and thyroid dominant hormone production.
Many of these bodybuilders are not only genetically gifted at putting on muscle, they’re also pharmaceutically gifted at putting on muscle! This kept their bodies perpetually primed for muscle growth whether or not their training was optimal or not. We asked Marco if he was game to help us, since we knew he was a crucial part of making this program the best one out there.
Where were all the meals you could cook in bulk and reheat, prepare quickly and wolf down, carry around on the go, whip up in a blender, prepare for dates, etc.
I have a small appetite, narrow wrists, neck and ankles, very long limbs, a very long torso, and I’m predominantly made up of slow twitch muscle fibres though, making my wider shoulder span pretty much my only mesomorphic trait.
The ectomorph may be slightly taller than the average person, and thus has longer limbs, which are not advantageous to moving heavy weights. If through hard work and discipline one is able to add some decent muscle to their lighter frame it will tend to look better, more defined, and create the illusion that the individual is bigger than he really is.
For most people that sucks, but for the gym going skinny guy this means the ability to add more muscle to their frame and the shift into a more mesomorphic metabolic range. In the Way to Mass e-Class you will learn all of the basics of how to eat and train as an ectomorph.
I never really read an article that stated the benefits of ectomorphs so I was pleased and surprised to at least read some here. I do caution about labeling yourself a hardgainer or identifying too much with this label as it can become a self-fulling prophesy that keeps you small and stuck for years.
Every week I have to put 5lbs on a barbell, but since I can’t make it to a gym, all I got are these cinder blocks and rims for bench-press, squats, barbell-rows, deadlifts.
If you’re still working out the weightlifting and nutrition kinks save this stuff for later. If you consume them properly you’ll keep all that fuel stored in your liver and muscles (glycogen), instead of converting them into fatty acids (flabs).
Taken while working out it’s a pretty effective supplement for us ectomorphs trying to build mass. That would maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis and take care of the nutrient timing benefits. Partly because we were too ashamed to tell our friends and family that we were trying to build muscle.
Not only were Jared and I doing most exercises improperly for our lanky ectomorph frames, we were just plain doing them improperly for anyone’s body type. Although this is an advantage for the ectormorphs, it is also a double-edge sword, as one must be careful not to burn off any of your hard earned muscle while doing so. So for all ectomorphs instead of sulking in the corner, crying over having a skinny body, start building some muscle today!
Last year I started to diet and successfully got down to about 185 – resulting in a small belly and some nice visible leg- and shoulder muscles. Even worse, your body may then start to breakdown muscle tissue for energy, which will make you even more susceptible to storing fat since muscle is a living, active tissue.
In fact, until you know how to build muscle without them you really shouldn’t be buying them at all.
He’s arguably the most brilliant researcher out there when it comes to muscle-building nutrition and supplementation.
As an ectomorph who’s tired of being skinny that may be worth your hard earned money. By boosting your energy and allowing you to get in a better workout, these supplements can indirectly lead to better muscle growth. For my inspiration I look towards Taylor Lautner, I mean he was about my weight before he bulked up, and he achieved his goal in roughly 9 months. Organic Chicken, grass-fed beef and bison, wild caught sockeye salmon, sardines, and chunk lite tuna are some other great sources for building muscle.
Eat a lot of calories on the days you train and especially for several hours after you train. After noticing sticking with the same weight wasn’t building muscle, I bought more weights and I can bench 50lbs with little effort and 68-70lbs with maximal effort). Eating literally nothing (yoghurt in the morning, 4 slices of bread with chicken on it for the rest of the day and only meat+vegetables for dinner) for days and staying stable because every now and then I take the occasional chocolate bar or beer. Since insulin sensitivity in your muscle cells will be heightened during and right after training, this gives you the absolute best shot at increasing the rate that you build muscle leanly, as it will invest the nutrients in your muscle mass instead of shuttling them off into your fat stores. Have decided now to starve myself completely with above-said diet and zero tolerance on everything else + jogging for an hour every day.

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