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Muscle and fitness hers recipes, what is bulking - .

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Here is a baked oatmeal recipe from the article that I modified for my diet specifications and let me just tell you it was SO good!
When I emailed my trainer with this recipe and told her I had it for breakfast Saturday she immediately sent me a message back telling me NOT to have this again lol, oops! This entry was posted in breakfast, Figure Competition Prep, Recipes, Uncategorized, Workouts and tagged breakfast, Figure Competition, gym, recipe, workout.

I have a passion for all things related to food, fitness, and living a happy, healthy life. Try mixing in some HIIT if your getting board with your cardio workouts, you can do this on just about any machine at the gym by playing around with speed and resistance. I do intend to have 1 stevia in my coffee in the morning and when things get really bad Ms.

Jenny is not only a weight loss success story but also a NPC Figure competitor, personal trainer, nutritionist, fellow blogger over at JenFit and the author of 75 Ways to Love your Oatmeal (which I immediately ordered on her website after trying out her baked oatmeal recipe!

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