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Latest magazines - Muscle and Fitness Hers Subscribe to to Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine. August 31, 2010 by Isaac Hinds IFBB Bikini Pro, Sonia Gonzales is looking pretty in pink on the newest Muscle & Fitness Hers cover. Sonia will be competing in the Tournament of Champions in a couple weeks and will follow it up with an appearance at the 2010 Bikini Olympia.

January 11, 2013 by Hardbody Staff Today an email went out from Muscle & Fitness HERS asking which cover you like better. Cast your vote below and join the conversation on Facebook where people are chiming in with their thoughts.
This unique health & fitness magazine provides women at every fitness level the motivation and information they need to perform their best - from workouts to nutrition and fashion.

I flipped through the magazine at the grocery store last night and it’s loaded with great information.

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