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Mudder races 2015, leg exercises - For You

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After hours in the Obstacle Innovation Lab, the team at Tough Mudder has dreamed up more adrenaline-packed challenges for the 2015 races. A race official describes new obstacles, how to train and why it's the toughest challenge ever. One race specifically, Tough Mudder, has had more than 1.5 million participants to date, and are expecting 600,000 in 2015 alone.
The course needed an update explains head obstacle designer for Tough Mudder, Nolan Kombol.

While every year in the past about three to four obstacles are altered for a fresh look, 2015 marks a change to the entire menu. Tough Mudder got started as a reaction to half marathons and marathons, which are boring run-in-a-straight-line tests of endurance. When they were done they realized what a unique experience it is to become part of Mudder Nation and to conquer your fears and just have a ton of muddy obstacle-filled fun.
Overall I'd say that the folks in the mountains, like Tahoe, Whistler, and Mount Snow are some of the hardest core Mudders.

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