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Mr olympia history, reverse lat pulldown bodybuilding - Within Minutes

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If we include the recent 202 division (2008–11) and the old lightweight division (1974-79), the record for Olympia “lightweight” titles is three, held by Franco Columbu (1974–76), Frank Zane (1977–79), and Kevin English (2009–11). At 43 years and 10 months, the Blade will be nine months older than Dickerson was when he won the 1982 Olympia at 43 and one month. OLYMPIA & THE FOURTH OLDEST he would also be the first (non-southern) East Coaster though he currently trains in Southern California.

This year there are eight Olympia categories (record) and $1 million (record) up for grabs on Olympia Weekend.
Olympia, where the lineup is so stacked there are six men who have previously placed in the O top two (another record) vying for the throne. 27–28 some legends will be born, others will grow, history will be made in pose after pose, and the record book will be rewritten.

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