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Mma training equipment, exercises to get rid of stomach fat in a week - Test Out

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Designed after traditional Muay Thai fighter training in Thailand's boxing camps and combined with modern combat conditioning methods for intermediate to advanced level students. Bodyweight training, if done properly and progressively, will improve your overall athleticism significantly and build strength and muscular endurance.
What distinguishes MMA from Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiujitsu, Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Boxing and other combat sports is the "ground and pound" factor: the ability to strike at your opponent while engaged in a clinch, grapple, or wrapped up in a grounded position.
The Muay Thai Circuit Training program is perfect for those who want to improve their fighting skills and fitness levels through metabolic training and a fast-paced timed rotation of exercises and drills.

It allows for a more natural range of motion and doesn't stress your joints the way traditional weight training does. Develop incredible stamina, bodyweight strength, agility, reflexes, core strength and coordination through a unique combination of martial arts movements and functional strength training drills.
From traditional padwork, bagwork and sparring drills in the ring to kettlebell and medicine ball training for fast, explosive strength, the Muay Thai Circuit Training at Black Tiger Club will whip you into shape in just a matter of weeks!
Using unconventional training equipment such as sandbags, grappling dummies, resistance bands, weighted vests and medicine balls, the Black Tiger Ground-and-Pound training will challenge and improve your core strength, muscular endurance, balance and agility unlike any workout you've ever experienced!

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