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Mind muscle connection exercises, weidman knocks out silva replay - Plans Download

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Out of all the muscle groups in the body, the region I get asked about most frequently by women is without a doubt the glutes. In competitive Figure and Bikini circles, discussion of the mind-muscle connection is ubiquitous. In my laboratory, we have demonstrated that lifters can dramatically alter gluteal muscle activation during exercise depending on their intent.
There are several methods that can assist lifters in forming a deep mind-muscle connection with the glutes.
Warm-up exercises can be employed prior to lower body training sessions, whereby individuals perform approximately five lightly loaded exercises such as quadruped hip extensions, side lying clams, side lying hip abductions, glute bridges and lateral band walks for around 20 repetitions per side.

Women want to know which exercises they should be performing and which protocols they should be following in order to optimize their gluteal development. Serious competitors know that in order to maximize a muscle’s development, it is first necessary to know how to highly activate it during movement. While these considerations are indeed vital in order to enhance the shape of the glutes, progress all starts with the mind-muscle connection. Figure and Bikini competitors spend countless hours flexing their muscles during various poses, and this form of “loadless isometric training” pays dividends during resistance training. Developing a mind-muscle connection in the glutes requires patience, consistency and focus of attention.

The most dramatic example of the mind-muscle connection was associated with the back extension exercise, where lifters could almost completely shut off their glutes.

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