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Your mind-muscle connection has just as much an impact on building an aesthetically pleasing physique as exercise selection and program design.
Many fitness enthusiasts have built incredible physiques without having a strong mind-muscle connections. Honing my mind-muscle connection skills has helped me dial down the activation of my shoulder and triceps muscles during Bench Press exercises, while cranking up the activation of my chest. As I continued to hone my mind-muscle skills it became easy for me to shift the focus away from my hips and place the tension on the lower aspect of my thighs. It’s impossible to enhance your mind-muscle connection without becoming truly present in the moment. Initially it helps to reduce the weight of your lifts… so you can really focus on relaxing supporting muscles and steering more tension to the target muscles.

When the weight is heavy, it becomes increasingly easier to lift that weight up by any means necessary…using every supporting muscle you possibly can.
Viewing training as an art form and your body as a sculpture is a simple shift in mindset that brings out the beauty in your ongoing body transformation. A lack of mind-muscle connection leads to haphazard muscle gains and the risk of creating lagging body parts or lagging aspects of a muscle. My chest muscles feel a light pump, but nothing like the intense burn that I feel in my shoulders and triceps.
With this enhanced mind-muscle connection I can feel my pecs stretching during the eccentric portion of a lift… and I can feel an intense contraction in my pecs during the concentric portion of the lift.
When I get my mind in the muscle I can dial down the activation of my hips and crank up the activation of just about any area of my thighs.

Resist that urge… and if necessary, reduce the weight in an effort to maximally activate the target muscle. Whereas a strong mind-muscle connection AMPlifies targeted muscle gains… shaping your body with great precision.
So now, with this enhanced mind-muscle connection I focused on pushing the ground away from me with the balls of my feet.

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