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Military push ups muscles worked, best exercise to get a 6 pack - For Begninners

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The APRT, designed to replace the current APFT, expands from three to five events, eliminates sit-ups, increases the pace of push-ups, and replaces the long-distance run with shorter-faster runs. To better assess muscular endurance, the one-minute rower and push-up events will not allow Soldiers to pause and rest.
Although some muscles I listed are considered more prime movers than others, they are all either large muscle groups or significant movers. Shoulder pressing will not only develop those round shoulder caps and dense upper chest muscles, but will also develop a significant portion of your posterior. This will require non-stop muscle movement that will demonstrate immediate muscle fatigue and failure. The bar is then pushed up in a straight line by extending the elbows, until full extension is reached and the bar is stabilized above your head, completing the repetition.

Anconeus for instance, is an elbow extensor, but is such a small muscle that I didn’t bother to list it here. A v-shaped back is a result of well-developed lats, traps, and scapular muscles that can all be stressed during the shoulder press.
It targets multiple large muscle groups, and some smaller, harder to work groups, due to it’s extensive range of motion. Although they are great compound exercises on their own that focus and develop large muscle groups, they simply cannot compete with the overhead press, in terms of variety and extent of active muscle groups and potential for development. The shoulder press should be considered part of the core and foundation of any serious workout program. When asked what muscles are worked during the press, most will answer with the deltoids, triceps, and maybe the upper chest.

Also, consider that you will also be working the serratus anterior muscles, or more commonly referred to as the boxer’s muscle. Hertling, TRADOC's deputy commanding general for Initial Military Training, who holds a master's degree in exercise physiology.

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