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Mike o'hearn workout and diet, popular workout songs 2011 - Reviews

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Mike O’Hearn has a 12-week workout designed for individuals who want to look like him. He believes in eating a balanced diet that is part carbohydrates, part protein and part fiber. This helps him do better while working out and ensures his muscles get nutrition after he heavy lifts. By working out this way you will be letting your different areas of the body rest and regenerate so that they can build muscle stronger and without harming you in the process. Another important rule of his is to eat a balanced diet, but to make sure you tweak it to your needs. He’s won many championships for fitness and has been on hundreds of different magazine covers as well.

He really emphasizes lifting extremely heavy weights, so expect to push yourself to do more than you’ve ever done when you do his workouts. Generally he’ll eat anywhere from 4,500 to 3,500 per day, depending on what workouts he is doing and how he wants to look. For example, you might eat 40% fat, 30% protein and 30% carbohydrates while someone eats far different from you.
Because his physique is so noticeable, Mike has a large following of fans that want to achieve his same fitness level. So, expect to do a lot of heavy lifting while pushing yourself to the limit during workouts.
His philosophy is to power lift and body build so that you turn your body into a superhero body!

Even when he is bulking he focuses on a clean diet that provides his growing body with the nutrition that it needs. This is why he regularly talks about what his diet and exercise principles are, and how other people can take advantage of them.
So, while some bodybuilders might eat whatever they want during the bulk stage, he eats chicken and vegetables that are low in fat and high in protein and other nutrients. The last rule is to eat meals throughout the day so your body is always full and getting essential nutrients.

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