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Metabolic workout dvd, fitness 6 pack - How to DIY

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The Metabolic Aftershock workout by Jade Teta is aimed at helping both men and women to reduce fat, increase muscle tone and to optimize their metabolism. Metabolic Aftershock has turned out to be Teta’s latest, and quite possibly best, piece of work. Phase one is where Jade Teta provides the exercises that are specifically designed to warm up the metabolism. The expert behind the workout is well trained & educated and has real-world experience. If after reading through the description of the workout and program you decide that you do want to buy it, you will see the option to choose either a digital version only or a digital and hard copy version (recommended). Leaner Lifestyle Metabolic Workout for Weight Loss and Fat Blasting DV - The LynFit Shop - Lisa Lynn Fitness - Live the Leaner Lifestyle! This is the most effective system available today to rev-up your metabolism, blast calories and change the shape of your body for good.Transform your physique with these 4 metabolic boosting workouts to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Metabolic Booster Workout: 30 minute workout that sculpts, tightens, strengthens and stretches your total body. Recovery Stretch Workout: A relaxing 20-minute routine that keeps your muscles pliable and flexible and eliminates pain in muscles and joints. Lean Core Workout: Do this exercise 2-3 times per week for a stronger and tighter core and great looking abs.
Although Teta has been well known in the industry as a leader and true professional, the question comes up as to whether or not his new workout actually works.
The workout offers a strategic approach to exercise and nutrition that is specifically targeted at improving the operation of the metabolism. In this phase, Teta walks you through the workouts and exercises that are aimed at toning and tightening the muscles using rep chains and other special movements. In this phase, you’ll be introduced to metabolic chains which are some advanced exercises that have been found effective at targeting fat removal.

After going through and examining the PDF as well as the DVD workouts, here is my Metabolic Aftershock review where I lay out all of the programs good and bod points.
In addition to this, Teta also helps you to boost your fat burning hormones with new full-body workouts. Instead of focusing on long, drawn out workouts and narrow-minded, very low calorie diets – Jade Teta focuses more on optimizing hormones and getting the body and metabolism to work as optimally as possible.

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