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Last week, I dropped in to Reformation Fitness to take a class they refer to as ‘MetCon.’ If you aren’t familiar with Metabolic Conditioning, here is a good definition. As a group fitness instructor, I’ve learned that fitting a good routine into a 40-minute class can be hard--after all, I used to teach a 30-minute class based on the theory of metabolic conditioning. Ivan’s Metabolic Conditioning class at Reformation Fitness was nothing of the sort, which is a very good thing. The class started off with a classic warm-up--jumping jacks, inch worm, knee push-ups--all exercises that were straightforward, got my heart pumping, and gave me a full body warm-up.
When speaking to Ivan about this exercise after class, he told me that the great thing about the plow push is that, in addition to kicking your butt, it has a functional purpose as well.
Reformation’s motto is Small Classes, Better Results, and I truly enjoyed the small group training aspect. This class uses minimum equipment, and the equipment we did use was unique and applicable to many different exercises.

Thank you, Reformation Fitness and Ivan, for reminding me what Metabolic Conditioning and high intensity workouts are all about. Our Yoga class works with inner awareness and the breath, fostering an individual experience. Whether you're looking for an excellent cardiovascular workout, a life-long discipline, or an opportunity to learn how to defend yourself in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment, our Kickboxing classes will empower you to move through life with the confidence and inner strength of an warrior.
FZT is a strength & conditioning based class designed to give club mates that athletic looking physique. The two pieces of equipment used in this class were the SteelBell  and the TRX pull up bar. Effective weight training develops lean muscle for both men and women, increasing resting metabolic rate, and helping burn fat. Regular attendance of our special programs will result in stress reduction, temper control, self-discipline, weight control, self-defense, better concentration, inner peace, physical conditioning, more energy and improved health.

It can be tempting to just throw high intensity exercise after high intensity exercise at your class repeatedly for 30 minutes in order to get them sweating, red-faced, breathing hard, and working their muscles to the maximum potential. Metabolic exercise is about burning the maximum amount of calories (specifically fat calories) possible during a workout. This session is not reserved to athletes though and is adaptable to all who venture into the world of strength & conditioning. It is also about generating a metabolic "ripple" effect that will burn fat for many hours after the workout. We crab-walked once more, and then half the class did ‘low jacks’ (jumping jacks while in a squat position) while the other half of the class did pull-ups on the TRX pull-up bars.

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