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Men's health celebrity six pack challenge workout, reduce belly fat in 1 week - Plans Download

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To kick off festival season in style, Men’s Health challenged three of the UK’s busiest hip-hop musicians to get into peak condition in just four weeks. Rudimental’s DJ Locksmith embarked on a US tour just as he signed up for the Men’s Health challenge.
Made in Chelsea stars Spencer Matthews, Alex Mytton, Andy Jordan and Oliver Proudlock have taken the Men's Health six-pack challenge.The boys were given four weeks to get into cover model shape, with Matthews winning the contest after losing more than half his body fat.

Men's Health Editor Toby Wiseman said: "We cut our usual six-pack challenge time down from six weeks to four which might not seem long to get into great shape but each one of our privileged stars has achieved incredible physical results. This year’s Men’s Health Celebrity Six-Pack challengers are Rudimental’s DJ Locksmith, Tinchy Stryder and Lethal Bizzle, who all took on the challenge amidst a month of hectic tours.The amazing transformation of the challengers, unveiled in the Men’s Health August issue, aims to prove that getting into cover model shape doesn’t mean spending all day in the gym - and the magazine wants its readers to know that if they can do it while touring the UK, anyone can.

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