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Medicine ball cardio workout, how to get rid of stubborn belly fat fast - How to DIY

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Land on the balls of your feet and bend forwards to place the ball back on the floor and repeat the sequence. Planking on this ball is the hardest move of them all for me,  forcing the abs to steady the body takes concentration and balance. Place the ball on the floor in front of you and lie facedown with your arms and legs extended into an 'X' shape.
Sit on the floor like you did for the side-to-side slam and place the ball in between your ankles, holding onto it with just your legs.
If you have been working out steadily and are looking to shake up your workout look no further than the medicine ball. In the work out below I demonstrate the hands on the ball version but can also try a toe on the ball version as well. After the first set complete 2:00 minutes of cardio (this can be running, jogging, elliptical, jumping jacks whatever your go to cardio is).

A weighted ball is a great training tool because you can add it to almost any exercise to challenge your core stability and improve coordination. Step your left leg out into a side lunge as you scoop the ball down and to the outside of your left thigh.
Place your right hand on top of the medicine ball (if this is too tough, modify on your knees). I use them a lot in workouts, and they are pretty easy to use a number of ways…like you showed! Allow your right heel to pivot off the floor and bring the ball up over your left shoulder. Press through your right heel to straighten your right as you reach the ball up and overhead, quickly reversing the lunge and scoop to the right. Extend your spine, lift your chest and thighs off the floor, and roll the ball under your right hand.

Quickly "chop" the ball down and across your right thigh, lunging as you pivot your left heel off the floor. Press through your left heel to quickly return to standing, grabbing onto the ball with both hands. Quickly roll the ball over to your left arm, catching it with your hand, and then pass it back to your right hand.

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