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Medicine ball ab exercises twist, pulled shoulder muscle - Try Out

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My Cardio, abs and arms exercise routinePosted on December 27, 2012 by Aymee • 1 CommentMy new obsession: medicine ball work outs! I grabbed these medicine ball exercises from different fitness trainers online and simply put them together into a routine that takes about 30 minutes to complete. What you will need for my routine: jump rope, 6 or 8lb medicine ball, water, protein shake*.
Place ball between knees and with knees bent, lay back flat on floor and extend both arms out to either side or place them under your head.
Enjoy and feel free to replace exercises once it gets boring with new ones that are more strenuous.
When it comes to creating a home gym, you need space to do your exercises as well as store any large equipment.

Buy a medicine ball (it should be between six and 12 pounds, depending on your experience level) and learn these total-body moves below. Holding a medicine ball while you perform a lunge adds resistance to challenge your muscles. Watch our medicine ball video to learn more total-body moves with your new piece of equipment! Starting from center, move ball from left touching floor to touching floor on the right side.
But here's a way to work your entire body without cluttering your living room with fitness equipment: invest in a medicine ball. Try the medicine ball woodchop; celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson uses this move on his famously curvy and toned client Sofia Vergara.

Imagine you're chopping some wood at this angle and the ball is your axe — the move is a bit percussive. Now slowly with both hands on ball twist body left to right by moving the ball from one back pocket to the other (see pic above). If you keep the ball close to your hands as you throw it then you will feel the burn on the back of your arms. Now, the ball only needs to barely leave your hands and you should be able to effortlessly catch it with both hands again while extended.

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