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Meal plans for clean eating, best diet chart for weight loss - How to DIY

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Here are the basics of eating clean (you can read about it more in depth at this great clean eating blog I follow, The Gracious Pantry).
I’ve also cut out all wine and alcohol and usually opt for Pellegrino with Lime in a wine glass to cure that craving.
Mornings are busy for me with three little ones and I don’t have time to cook so I always have one of the Orgain Organic Ready-to-Drink Protein shakes listed in the meal plan. Again, this is a plan for weight loss so it will change as I continue to lose weight and then go into a maintenance plan when I reach my goal (yay!).
This clean eating crock pot turkey chili is one of my staple dinners especially during these cold winter months.
I’m using the Jeff Galloway training plan for those of you who are interested and I’m super impressed with it!

Its so much easier to have someone else think of the healthy meal plan and for me to just get it and make it. I got stuck in a plateau for about 6 weeks and decided to increase my running which really helped. A clean-eating foodie who loves cooking as much as a a good long outdoor run, she believes in balance and rarely lets a day go by without dark chocolate and over-caffeinating. Even though I’m home during the day, I find it easier to have everything ready for me to just pull out of the refrigerator and eat.
Similar to my accountability groups, when I sign up for races it helps to hold me accountable. They would be perfect for someone who wasn’t completely comfortable with weights and needed some guidance as well.

I’m planning on going later today and have my runs scheduled for later this week as well. So this week now that I’m feeling better, I am back to eating all of my containers and staying on track.

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