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The Max Workouts program is a 90-day fitness plan created by world-renowned trainer, Shin Ohtake.
Max Workouts focuses on short and intense workouts as a strategy to achieve maximum fat loss without spending a lot of time in a gym.
There are two different types of workouts that make up the 90-day program, which we’ll explain in much greater detail later on in this review. The next thing the guide does is tell you everything you need in order to follow the workout schedule and track results week by week. Obviously any workout, fat loss or fitness plan needs to have a nutritional element to be effective. This separate guide addresses an important part of any workout program: ensuring your body is able to fully recover after a session as quickly as possible, and with minimal soreness. This separate workout guide is designed to leave you with options when you’re traveling for business, on holiday or in any other situation that leaves you unable to follow the regular workout schedule.
If you ever thought that bodyweight workouts were generally easy and not challenging then we’d encourage you to give some of these a go!
The circuit workouts are made up of a whole range of compound exercises designed to work your whole body. This process usually takes less than 20 minutes, so your workouts are going to be short in length, but quite intense and very challenging.
HIIT workouts are basically structured so that you’re constantly changing the pace and intensity of whatever cardio activity you happen to be doing. Shin Ohtake is a Tokyo-born trainer who developed the MAX Workouts Program, which he bills as "the ultimate mash-up of high intensity interval training, circuit training and strength training." In my experience the best, most effective workout routines are the simplest ones.
The MAX Workouts includes four levels-one, two, three and four, each of which lasts for three weeks, making it a 90-day program.

The training schedule calls for three 20-30 minute sessions per week with interval cardio workouts performed on alternating days.
All workouts should be preceded by a "dynamic warm-up," which is 5 exercises, each of which should be repeated 2-3 times before starting the intense training. Shin provides six different interval cardio workouts-each of which includes from 20 seconds to 1 minute of 70% - 90% maximum effort cardio followed by 10 seconds to 1 minute of low intensity cardio. It is designed for fat burning and creating a lean, fit, athletic body using short and intense workouts. Without delving too deeply into the science of Shin’s workout sessions, they are designed to put your body in a state where it is able to burn calories at an increased rate long after you’ve finished training; up to 24 hours later in many cases. The explanation isn’t too long, but gives you a good idea and an understanding of why the program is designed in the way it is – it makes logical sense and gave us confidence that the workouts would be effective. The Lean Body Diet is a 90-day nutrition plan that basically tells you in easy to understand language how you should be eating for maximum fat loss. There are no groundbreaking revelations in the nutrition guide, but the information is solid and will definitely get you the results you’re looking for if you follow it during the 90-day workout schedule. The idea is that these quick and simple workouts can be completed literally anywhere and with zero equipment. It simply provides effective, easy to follow workouts that will deliver great results if you stick with the program.
They don't require fancy, expensive equipment and are built around compound exercises that maximize recruitment of multiple muscle groups-and from that perspective the MAX Workouts Program is a winner.
The instructions are very thorough and tell you which exercises to do, the correct order, numbers of reps and even the amount of rest you should be taking at each point in the workout. I should mention that when Shin is talking about intense workouts, he really means intense.

You’ll definitely want to invest in some good quality (and comfortable) workout gear before starting the program. More to the point though, the program is based on actual proven principles though; things that are established and common in all effective workout programs. In fact, his definition of an intense workout is a lot different from the majority of gym-goers I've run across. Overall it is very effective and following this plan alongside the workouts will certainly increase your results, and quite considerably in our opinion.
Max Workouts can definitely help you build muscle, but it’s not really geared toward building Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, or (gasp) Marcus Ruhl kind of muscle!
The lack luster diet guidelines from the Lean Body Diet book fall short making this more of a workout series than a total solution.While the exercise demonstration pictures are clear, you have to pay an upgrade fee to get video demonstrations. Most other programs available in the $40 and above range typically have video demonstrations without the hassle of recurring fees.The workouts are flat out boring.
Unless however, you join the Max Workouts Club for $19.99 per month where you will gain access to forums and new workout videos.
Both are wildly different from Max Workouts and, and each other for that matter, but they deliver results based on the same principles.The main course contains all of the workout routines, the intro, and instructional pictures. However, the disorganized material, the woefully inadequate diet guide, and the need to force your way through the dull workouts, just make it too tedious and boring for the long term. It comes bundled with a body weight workout program as well that is very suitable for people who spend a fair amount of time on the road.

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