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Max bench chart, exercise ball for abs - For Begninners

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Using a bench press chart is a great way to estimate your maximum bench press without hurting yourself.
By choosing a lower weight that you can do 2-10 times, you can closely find out your one-rep max. A bench press chart helps you reach your goal without risking injury.You can lift a lighter weight for reps and estimate what your one rep max will be. For example, if you can bench press 135 pounds a maximum of 10 times, your estimated one-rep max is 176 pounds.
My training target as a cyclist has always been about my own body weight -- 155lbs (no idea what Max might be as I haven't tried to find out in a long time).

If you are doing more explosive lifts like power cleans, I don't think this chart works at all.
And if you are going to try for max reps on the bench press with any weight, you will still need a spotter. There have been folks killed attempting max lift weights to failure and having the bar fall on their necks, or simply having the bar fall due to a misjudgment. I can manage 5-8 reps with 60# dumbells (120# total weight) on a flat bench, so I would guess my 1RM max with a bar would be around 135# or so. No, tell us about the squats, because that lift is more relevant to the type of cycling most of us do than bench presses.

Lifetime best bench, 345lbs, paused when in the Army ( 14 years ago) did 360 touch and go but would not have qualified in a meet.
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What does a bench press have to do with cycling, other than sprinting out of the saddle I can't think where the arms are involved other than balance etc.

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