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Mark wahlberg height weight, getting toned abs - Review

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Mark has packed on some serious size for his 2013 movie, Pain and Gain, his body fat has increased also due to the massive calorie intake that is required to gain muscle fast. Mark attended Copley Square High School in Boston, Massachusetts, but didn’t graduate. Rachel Hunter (2000) – In 2000, Mark Wahlberg dated New Zealand model, Rachel Hunter for couple of months. Frida Andersson (2000) – In 2000, Wahlberg was RUMORed to had fling with Swedish model, Frida Andersson. Jordana Brewster (2000-2001) – From 2000 until June 2001, the actors Jordana Brewster and Mark Wahlberg dated each other.

Rhea Durham (2001-Present) – Mark met American model, Rhea Durham in 2001 outside a Nobu restaurant.
Cynthia Kirchner (2002) – In 2002, Wahlberg was RUMORed to had fling with another American model, Cynthia Kirchner. Jessica Alba (2003) – In December 2003, Mark was RUMORed to had an encounter with actress Jessica Alba.
In 1993, Mark appeared in a television movie The Substitute for his role as Ryan Westerberg. He was known as Marky Mark in his earlier years, and became famous for his 1991 debut as frontman with the band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Mark was nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture as a producer for the movie ‘the fighter ’.Not only is he a good actor, but a good human being as well.

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