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Mark twight, schwarzenegger governor - How to DIY

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Mark Twight, a former professional mountaineer-turned-avid cyclist, is the founder and owner of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, Utah.
According to Twight, motivation matters more than what clients can lift, be it 95 pounds (shown) or 455 lbs.
But Twight began cycling after a late-2006 shoulder rebuild took him out of the gym for two months.
Visit the black-and-white website of Gym Jones — Twight calls the color scheme “stark,” saying it reflects his love-hate relationship with climbing and the gym’s all-or-nothing approach to training — and it might come as a surprise that the man behind it all is an avid cyclist.

The approach, however, belies Twight’s understanding of the importance of getting inside the mind of the athlete. However, Twight’s objective-driven, results-based training is as exclusive as it is effective.
Miller Tour of Utah, said the depth of knowledge of the staff (seven trainers, including Twight, his wife Lisa, and general manager Rob “Maximus” MacDonald of Toronto, Canada, a former police officer, UFC fighter, and kindergarten teacher) is also key.
Twight’s feats include a 72-hour roundtrip ascent of the Deprivation route on Mount Hunter and a 60-hour ascent of the Slovak Direct on the south face of Mount Denali — as brave and bold as it gets in alpine climbing.

This is how Mark Twight, founder of Gym Jones, tells his story about his sport and the things that went down at that time.

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