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Male body parts images, burn fat fast workout at home - .

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Find free pictures, photos, diagrams, images and information related to the human body right here at Science Kids. Photo description: This male diagram template lists important parts of the body and gives users the chance to write their own descriptions under the various body part headings.
From the picture you can see that according to the view of women, the ideal female body is much thinner than what men think about that figure.
Compare to these two male bodies, it is not difficult to know that women would like to select the one who has less hulking physique but more facial hair.

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That is to say, men and women have different views towards the ideal male and female bodies. It means that those people who come from other counties may have different opinions on the ideal female or male body.

Basically, the survey is based on 500 men and 500 women, who are asked to state what the ideal body should be for both male and female.

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