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After you've mastered these essential Arnold favorites be sure to check out 5 more Arnold training tips!
While this exercise is a bit tricky to master, Arnold knew that all variations of the squat were useful to master because each worked the leg musculature slightly differently, and he could optimize overall muscle mass by including each in his workout at some point. Though shown here with a board under his heels, which Arnold felt helped improve his balance, this move can also be done on a flat floor. One of Arnold’s favorite back exercises for overall back development was the seated cable row. Every time I go to the gym, I see guys doing standing and seated dumbbell lateral raises, standing cable lateral raises and, well, that’s it.

The technique is similar to a standard lateral raise, with two major differences: 1) You lift the dumbbells past parallel to overhead, and 2) your palms and forearms are supinated the entire time — meaning your palms face out at the start of each rep, face the ceiling most of the way up and face each other as the weights meet at the top. Incorporate these novel versions of lateral raises into your shoulder training and your delts will respond.
One of Arnold’s favorite lower-abdominal exercises was the reverse crunch on an incline bench. Although standing lateral raises are the exercise you’ll find most bodybuilders doing when they want to target the middle delt head, Arnold also did a variation by lying on a bench. To get such an impressive chest, Arnold trained smart and used several different exercises to hit his pecs from all angles.

Keeping your arm locked with a very slight bend in the elbow, raise the dumbbell over your head. Remember to twist your hand slightly as you raise your arm and turn your thumb toward the floor to contract the rear delt; the movement should resemble pouring water from a jug. Doing the lateral raise in a lying position forces the middle delt to work very hard through the entire range of motion, and the bench position reduces body english to make the muscle work ever harder.

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