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Lower body workouts, best pushups for chest and abs - How to DIY

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Alright people I hope you are ready to work because boy do I have a fun little workout for you today. A short, sharp, quick but effective, hard and fast, no equipment, no excuses lower body workout baby!
Although I gotta be honest, even though these exercises are focused on your lower body this is more of a total body workout because lemme just tell you now, your heart rate will be through the roof!
Today’s workout is a little different from my usual but it also happens to be all kinds of fun.

Not this girl thats for sure and once you try this workout you’ll agree I just know it. Here is a quick and easy routine that will help you catch up if you missed on your gyms lower body workouts. Should you miss anymore days at the gym or simply want to workout at home, peruse our other workouts and articles.
Check out this lower body number I threw together for you to add to your normal workout routine.

For the hold, just hold in the lowest part of your squat, with your thighs parallel to the floor. If you need instruction on the individual moves, check out the posts for lower body, abs, and upper body.

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