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Lower belly pooch cause, workout routines for beginners at home without equipment - Within Minutes

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This is because you are shifting the centre of gravity of the body towards the front thereby causing further pressure on your spine to keep your body straight!
The lower belly is one of those seriously frustrating body parts, and it’s not even an entire body part, it’s part of a body part – the lower bit of your tummy. Exhale and slowly lower your legs to just above the ground (approximately 4 inches – you want to lower your legs as much as you can without lifting the small of your back. As you inhale, slowly and with control lower your legs until your feet almost touch the floor. The picture to the left shows a person with tight hip flexors causing a curvature in your spine that makes your belly poke out. And fat, when accumulated in the lower abdomen region causing a pot belly to develop, can be even more damaging!
Thus, a big belly primarily caused due to our sedentary lifestyle can cause lower back pain.

This vexing semi-body part is the bane of anyone who’s lost weight, toned up, put in the hard work, done everything right, but just can’t seem to shift that lower belly bulge.
In fact, your belly bulge may be due to your pelvis being tilted too far forward and downward, causing your lower back to over arch  and pushing out the lower part of your belly. If this move is too challenging, instead of extending your legs, keep your knees bent as you lower and raise your upper body. Since, you have identified the causes, consult a professional physiotherapist as soon as possible and avail expert advice! Even if you’re super lean and have very little belly fat, if you have an excessive anterior pelvic tilt, your lower abdomen will protrude. Working your lower abs and deep abdominal muscles will pull you in and slim you down, as well as tone and define your lower belly area. You can’t decide that you’re going to lose fat from everywhere but your chest (if you’re a woman) or that you specifically want to lose fat from your belly.

The lower belly can be one of the last areas from which people lose fat and because of that it appears to be stubborn fat. This is especially true for women, as women are hormonally predisposed to store fat in the lower belly area and thighs. Research show that eating certain foods can specifically cause you to gain belly fat or lose belly fat.

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