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The most significant point to remember, when an individual does stretching exercises for back pain, is to begin with five repetitions. This stretching meant to reduce low back pain effectively is considered one of the easiest to perform. Likewise, a stretching exercise is the piriformis stretch, which involves the muscle found in the gluteal, or buttocks, muscles. Before an individual performs such stretches for low back pain, he must first consult his physician, physical therapist or healthcare expert. For many patients, many of these benefits will be enjoyed if they follow a back stretch routine. Indeed, it is a must that a patient performs the stretching exercises for the duration of time prescribed by his trainer or doctor. Indeed, there had been instances when patients who had low back pain and are successfully relieved of such pain because of back stretches, complain of the same type of back pain problem after a year or two. Hence, it is a must that when an individual is treated successfully with stretching exercises, whether in the lower back or the entire spine area, he must continue with maintenance, stretching exercise program. The entire spine is fully supported by back and abdominal muscles, as well as the buttocks. Again, it is imperative that he avoids in becoming overenthusiastic when performing the stretches; otherwise, he will simply acquire additional body injuries, other than the back pain.
Whatever might be the cause of back pain, one of the fundamental fitness principles is to perform one or two sets of stretching exercises.

A particular patient will be assigned exercises that are designed especially for him by his physician or physical therapist.
However, many patients complain that, after awhile that they experienced comfort from their particular exercise program, they suffer the same kind of back pain. It is a must that he maintains the basic core stretching, as well as strengthening, exercises all throughout the recommended period. It is likely that these patients strengthened their low back and abdominal muscles by performing the appropriate exercises, promptly taking off the stress from their lower back.
This will help sustain the progress in the low back muscles brought about by lower back stretches. A patient can reduce, if not eliminate lower back pain, by strengthening the back muscles which supports the spine. Generally, low back pain patients must focus on stretching the back and abdominal muscles, hips and legs muscles. However, patients who believe that they have been permanently cured because of such back pain exercises decided to discontinue the routine. When an individual performs some stretches for back pain, one of the most crucial advices to remember is not to apply the rule “No pain, no gain.” Otherwise, he might aggravate the situation of his back muscles, ruin further his low back muscles, and suffer overall damage to his upper body. It is best that when doing the exercises, the weight of the body is evenly distributed to the upper body, as well as the lower body such as the left and right knee, to prevent any further pain and injury. Stretching is not only beneficial as strengthening exercises, which may reduce, if not eliminate pain; likewise, it offers other benefits, as well.

Unfortunately, this results to the recurrence of the exact low back problems which cause pain again to the patient.
The no pain, no gain rule means overworking the body, which should not be performed by an individual already hurting at his back muscles.
Other common causes of pain in the back muscles are pregnancy, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis. Whether it is a set of stretching exercises that a patient devised for himself, or exercises recommended by a physical therapist, it is a must that they are done continuously. For instance, his physical therapist may reduce or increase sets and repetitions of the exercises. Most of the time, people suffering from pain in the back would need a visit to his doctor or physical therapist. This exercise is meant to ensure back muscles worked to the fullest to achieve pain reduction or even elimination. These stretching are especially effective when they are coupled with moderate exercises like sit ups. They muscle relief for muscles suffering from disuse atrophy, which is essentially the shrinking of muscles because lack of use.

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