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Lower back exercises for pain, video workout - .

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Lower back pain exercises are as important for treating back pain as they are for strengthening the back muscles.
Lumber muscle strain, Discogenic back pain, Ruptured Disc, Lumbar spine arthritis, Spinal stenosis, Osteoporosis and Spondylolisthesis are the main culprits of back pain and your doctor is the best person to judge and evaluate it from a medical perspective. An exercise program for treating lower back pain must necessarily be chalked out by trained physical therapists than by the patients themselves. Specific exercises to help loosen up and stretch the lower back muscles to decompress the spine and strengthen up the core region muscles.
Exercises to aid the patient in keeping the spine in correct position during daily activities.
Exercises are acknowledged to be very beneficial for treating chronic lower back pain conditions.

Low-impact aerobics, strength training, spine stabilization training, Tai Chi, Yoga and flexibility exercises are renowned for curing low back pain in patients for long term. Back pain, in fact, is one of the most commonly occurring complaints that are received from patients experiencing muscular strain in the spine.
Exercises for lower back pain feature prominently among the non-surgical treatment procedures available for treating the condition and are usually recommended by physiotherapists or orthopedic surgeons of caliber.
Studies and surveys clearly indicate that doctor directed therapies and exercises are much more effective and fruitful than self-created ones as they are not only specialized in formulations but also cut back the risks of injuries and damages that can arise from incorrect movements. Repetitive sets of exercises for increasing flexibility, building up endurance and keeping the spine neutralized work wonders for curing lower back pain in individuals. Overexerting muscles with exercise when the pain is too much can in fact result in not benefits but further harm.

Most exercises in this range would require you to bend the spine and considering the fact that the discs at this time are extensively fluid filled and more susceptible to pressure from any movement, it can result into more harm than good. And it is very difficult to get rid of without a proper combination of medication and exercises. Proper combination of diet,medics and doing exercise with suitable gym equipment is recommended for quick cure of back pain.
Lower back pain exercises therefore are not recommended in this case until the muscles gain some of their strength back after the onset of pain.

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