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Losing weight and inches but not body fat, how to get a shredded six pack - Try Out

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Keira Knightley's 'lampshade' frock has us focusing on our mid-sections again, but shifting midriff fat is tough. New figures show British women are getting wider by the decade, with the average waistline now measuring in at 34 inches. That’s compared to a trim 27 inches in the 1950s, when nipped-in waists were all the rage and the average dress size a 12 rather than today’s 16. Keira Knightley’s wasp waist caused a stir in a white and black Chanel dress – dubbed a ­‘lampshade’ – at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month.
And as well as looking better in clothes, shrinking our waistline offers some serious benefits for our long-term health. Recent research has found that the sort of fat that forms around the mid-section is different from fat elsewhere in the body. It wraps itself around the internal organs and releases toxic chemicals which substantially raise our risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.
To measure your waist size correctly, find the halfway point between the bottom of your ribs and your hip bone and wrap the tape measure around. However, on the plus side, losing just two inches from around this area will slash your risk of early death by an impressive 60% – as well as ensuring your clothes fit and look better too. Experts now believe it is sugar, not fat, that is the real culprit when it comes to the bulge.

Cakes, white bread and pasta are all high glycaemic index (GI) ­carbohydrates, which the body quickly converts to sugar. But switching to low GI wholegrain carbs such as wholemeal bread and pasta can help trim extra fat from the waistline, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The latest research shows that ­sugar-based calories, such as those found in fizzy drinks, are much more likely to cause fat round the middle than calories from other sources.
And despite its vitamin content, fruit juice isn’t a good alternative as it’s still very high in sugar. Your best bet remains water, which is calorie-free, helps you feel full and will ward off the bloated tummy look of dehydration.
Women who drink milk daily lose more weight – particularly from around their waists – than those who skip it. Scientists believe this may be because the calcium and a compound called linoleic acid found in dairy products help to break down body fat in this area. And it needn’t be skimmed milk, as studies have found children brought up on low-fat milk are more likely to be obese in later life than those drinking whole milk! So the important message is to get moving, but that doesn’t have to mean taking up marathon running. He recommends combatting exhaustion with meditation and long baths before bed to encourage a good night’s sleep and limiting coffee consumption to no more than two cups a day.

NUTS – A recent Spanish study found that people who added a handful of mixed nuts to their daily diet lost more weight around their middle and had a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. CELERY – It’s a natural diuretic so will help to decrease fluid retention and fill you up, without adding many calories to your daily total.
LIVE YOGHURT – It contains high levels of ‘probiotics’, friendly bacteria which can improve your digestion and banish bloating.
SALMON – It’s a great source of leptin, a protein that acts like a hormone to control your appetite, keeping you fuller for longer and less likely to snack. PEPPERMINT – It works to reduce bloating and indigestion by soothing the whole intestinal tract.
If your waistline measures more than 37 inches (94 cm) for men or 32 inches (80 cm) for women, it’s too wide and putting your health in danger.

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