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Losing belly fat, hot to get 6 pack abs - Test Out

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Until only recently scientists believed that fat was simply a place to store excess energy, i.e. Research shows that you could be healthy weight or even underweight, but still suffer with unhealthy levels of belly fat. Learn about macronutrient ratios, protein, fat and the different types of carbohydrates to help you lose belly fat. In other words, a muscular athlete could have little fat, but a high BMI due to the large amount of muscle mass.
One study found that almost half its participants with a normal BMI score had excessive amounts of belly fat around the vital organs and fat streaked through their muscle. This will help you create a greater calorie deficit and increase metabolism helping you lose belly fat. This may help fight belly fat and also stops the muscle loss that occurs during weight loss. The moral of the story is this, no matter what weight you are, unless you are active and consuming a relatively healthy diet, your body may be hiding unhealthy levels of belly fat.

Losing belly fat helps reverse the above health risks and also decreases blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels.
Research suggests that some forms of physical activity are more effective than others to lose belly fat. The second type of fat, visceral fat, is less well known and only of late better understood by scientists.
Now we understand that in truth fat is biologically active – especially the deep belly fat. The superficial belly fat is more difficult to shift if you are healthy weight, but it isn’t something that a solid exercise and diet strategy can’t solve. You can’t pinch this deep belly fat, as it is hidden deep within the abdomen and lies out of reach. Deep belly fat is akin to a gland that produces hormones and other substances which can strongly affect our health. Just because you are of healthy weight, doesn’t mean you don’t have unhealthy levels of body fat – or belly fat.

Furthermore, you may have little of the superficial (subcutaneous) fat, but a lot of deep belly fat. Fat in the lower body tends to be of the subcutaneous kind, while much of belly fat is visceral fat. Excess body fat, particularly deep belly fat, disturbs the normal balance and functioning of these hormones with dire consequences.
Deep belly fat lies hidden in the abdomen and you may not have the classic telltale sign of of surfeit belly fat – a protruding pot belly.

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