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Linda wod rich froning, best workouts to get ripped abs - Review

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Home gyms are a huge part of CrossFit culture, but just as Rich Froning is unlike most other home-based CrossFit athletes, his home gym is different, too. Froning graduated with a degree in exercise science and until recently worked full time as a strength-and-conditioning coach for his alma mater, Tennessee Tech University.
The best explanation Froning can give for being such an athletic aberration is to point to a combination of nature and nurture, genetics and upbringing. For his part, Froning doesn’t fret over the fact that he single-handedly contradicts most of the strength-and-conditioning advice that is handed out all over the country by some of the greatest minds in the industry.
By the time we arrived at the Froning house, Rich was already in action in the box he recently built in his backyard. The first-ever repeat CrossFit Games Men's champion, Rich Froning Jr., has been a force to be reckoned with since his CrossFit debut.

With the $250,000 prize money he won from the 2011 CrossFit Games, Froning and his wife Hilary bought a house. In a world of hyper-trained athletes, Froning stands out for the sheer volume of exercise he performs in one day. Froning, who does not have a coach and prefers a team of dedicated training partners, only has the barest of ideas on how he will train each day when he wakes up. After the rope-climbing debacle of 2010, Froning shot up a rope at the 2011 Games and sent the message that Rich Froning would only ever be caught once by a mistake.
Froning, a devout Christian and avid Bible reader, might say that’s an apt description of himself heading into the 2010 CrossFit Games.
A relative unknown, Froning tore through the competition and was poised to win it when his arms gave out during a rope climb and he fell 18 feet to the floor — and all the way to second place.

He regularly completes three WODs a day, along with powerlifting, monostructural intervals and Olympic lifting sessions. Perhaps it’s all of the above and some other unknowable element that makes Rich Froning the perfect athlete.

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