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Leroy colbert youtube, black sails film set - For Begninners

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To follow up my last entry, many readers will enjoy the wisdom passed on below by former bodybuilder Leroy Colbert.
Born in 1933, Colbert is known for the massive arms that he developed naturally as a young bodybuilder. If you are just interested in strength and perhaps building some muscular size, you’re best bet is to adopt the training methods that Leroy espouses on his videos. Of course, Colbert is talking about training as a bodybuilder and he isn’t concerned with conditioning.

Bodybuilders from back in Leroy’s day looked so much better than the bodybuilders of today. More importantly however, Colbert touched upon a significant point in regards to exercise frequency. Guys back in Leroy’s day did full body workouts every other day, no of this one bodypart per day crap. I would agree with Colbert on that one if ones interest was bodybuilding and not fitness, cardio should play a minimum role or no role at all in their training.

Bodybuilders of the past or in Leroy’s day would just speed up the tempo while lifting, taking very brief rest periods between sets, and of course diet very strictly to strip bodyfat.

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