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Berkhan famously prescribes an amino acid mixture of BCAAs, generally in powder form (and tasting quite delicious) to his fasted-training clients. Brad Pilon, on the other hand, has questioned this practice, claiming BCAA usage stunts growth hormone production and autophagic processes. This gives me 5 weeks of BCAA-less fasted training and 5 weeks of BCAA-fueled fasted training.
In order to prove the case for or against BCAA usage when training in a fasted state, the BCAA usage must be the only variable manipulated for each 5 week segment. If I gained strength and muscle, it had to be from the BCAA, not from the three cheesecakes I had consumed over the weekend. And if I lost strength, it had to be from the lack of BCAA, not from the bottle of scotch I had slammed. I would need some true, concrete evidence over the remaining 5 weeks in order to justify spending part of my hard-earned teacher’s salary on BCAA powder in order to fully hop on board with Mr. I was cautiously optimistic about the results from the BCAA-fueled, fasted training sessions. Could mean using BCAAs caused excess intramuscular fat to be shed (rather than subcutaneous).
More strength was gained and more weight was lost using BCAA powder during AM, fasted workouts.
I would not hesitate at all to be sure to include BCAA into your pre-workout nutrition, espeically if training fasted.

The benefits that you saw of taking BCAAs pre-workout could just be the benefit that you’d see in including more of these amino acids in your diet regardless of the time of day. And, yes, I think feeling amped pre-workout because you took BCAAs has got to be purely psychological . I dosed the BCAA both pre-workout (5 minutes prior) and took another dose around two hours after the first, post workout.
Now, reading about adding pre-workout BCAA, and one again two hours later, and the results you saw, really has me intrigued and I would like to try it out myself. I have stuck with BCAA powder – for all workouts, fasted or unfasted, since this post. The purpose of taking BCAAs is to be sure you don’t become catabolic when training after a decent amount of time without protein in your system. This is the complete story (with photos) of how I found Intermittent Fasting and Leangains, got into the best shape of my life and totally hacked diet and fitness. This is Nov 18th 2013 after 7 weeks of trial and error (mostly error) with Intermittent Fasting and Leangains.┬áMy workout split dropped from 6 days per week to 3. When I switched to Intermittent Fasting and Leangains I realized that I had found a schedule that I could do for a long time. The Leangains workout that I do is modified to my goals but this is very close to the recommendation.
This is an online forum where Leangains and Intermittent Fasting are discussed on a daily basis.

Hey Stacia – it seems you have the hardest part down already (fasting + workout + BCAAs).
I found this site and started IF and leangains a week ago and to my dissapointment the scale did not move a single gram. It’s so helpful to have people like yourself discussing their success with LeanGains considering Martin has essentially gone silent. I did, however, not really feel a difference until about 20-25 minutes into my training (which usually takes about half an hour), so next time I will take the BCAA a little earlier. Your progress will be determined by overall calories and macros – not the BCAA scoop in the morning.
I also, especially in my rear delts, and other places like seratus, and intercostals, and my calves too; totally different with BCAA vs not. Curious if at your start of IF perhaps, if you ingested BCAA during fast with any different or newsworthy results.

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