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Other ways you can help cut back on waste is finding ways to use parts of the meat and other products that may have otherwise been discarded, helping to stretch your food dollars while lessening your impact on the planet.
Sometimes I shudder to think about the days when all I subsisted on was Lean Cuisine frozen meals.
The quiet sibling to the bustling Il Bagatto, Accanto has come into its own with a menu of seasonal, delicious fare ranging from grilled lamb to truffled pasta to succulent meatballs.

Although the prices are a little cringe-worthy ($50-$60 meal for two), if you’re seeking an indulgent eatery or a special occasion gathering, I completely and utterly recommend one of my favorite downtown spots! Pressed paninis, wholesome PB&Js, raw food, and an utterly delicious array of smoothies, pressed and fresh juices made us swoon beyond measure. No elixir in a bottle is capable of changing the way your organs function and in no way, shape, or form a healthy means of living.

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