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Lawn mower exercise machine, lose 10 pounds - For You

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What you may not know is that they’re better for your lawn than gas-powered, rotary mowers. No doubt you’ve heard of the drawback associated with reel push mowers from some disgruntled neighbor or relative.
Once, when I was pushing the fuming power mower through the mess that was my yard, the old-timer who sold me the place dropped by as he infrequently did, to see how things were going. I did as he directed, mowing a bit every few days, usually in the evening when the birds were settling in the trees and the neighbor’s cows could be heard calling off in the distance. Push mowers, invented in 1830 by Edwin Budding near Stroud, England (you can see one of the originals in the London Science Museum), have improved since I discovered that old reel back in the woodshed. Push reel mowers tend to run over tall weeds, like dandelion flowers, rather than cut them. Sharpening kits make honing your mower’s blades much easier than the file method employed by my old friend.
Our go-to guide for growing a healthy, beautiful lawn without synthetic fertilizers and toxic chemicals. When we moved in to the farm last December, we spied about a couple or so of riding lawn mowers on the property, each with some kind of problem or another. As our lawn grew to a mighty size this rainy winter, we decided that we had to get a lawn mower of our own instead of attempting to fix any of the ones already on the grounds. The blades roll forward and the orange cover throws the grass clippings to the front of the mower, instead of toward the back where our legs and feet are.
Yards, sports fields and other mowing areas are not always flat, and consumers should exercise caution when operating lawn mowers on uneven or sloped terrain.
Rotary lawn mowers tend to tear off the tops of grass blades, leaving them exposed to disease. As the proud new owner of a five-acre homestead outside of Port Angeles, Washington I inherited a modest yard in front of the old farm house with borders of lawn between the garden and small orchard.

Most mower reels contain five blades and are fine for cutting Kentucky blue grass and other common grasses. Reel push mowers engage the arms, back and shoulders as well as the legs and you just might find that gym membership unnecessary after regular sessions with your mower. Practical advice on starting a new lawn, what grasses to use and how best to care for them. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) issues safety tips to remind consumers about safe procedures when operating lawn mowers on or near slopes. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) issues the following safety tips to remind consumers about safe procedures when operating lawn mowers on or near slopes.
They’re much quieter than gas-powered mowers, so quiet that you can mow early Sunday morning without waking the neighbors. The wet Pacific climate encouraged quick growth and my attempts to mow the lawn every couple weeks were met with frustration.
In a few seasons, with the old-timer’s help, some weed pulling, replanting and supplementation, I had the kind of thick neat lawn that anyone would be proud to hold a picnic on.
Steep hills can make mowing difficult (as they do with power lawn mowers) but maneuverability with a reel mower, especially those with rear wheels, is better than with most power mowers.
Thicker grasses found in the South and areas prone to drought, like Zoysia, Bent and Bermuda grasses, are best handled by seven blade mowers.
Clippings from reel push mowers are smaller and tend to break down more quickly than those from power mowers. Large yards, like out on my old homestead, may require two or more mowing sessions to complete. Reel mower wheels are on the outside of the blades, leaving a bit more uncut space than a power mower does when circling obstructions. The act of pulling the mower back as you round corners will noticeably strengthen your arms, shoulders and pectorals.

Hearing the swish of a reel mower as it spins through the grass adds to the audible world of birds, children playing and other nearby activity, making you part of it, rather than being walled off by the roar of a combustion engine. A reel mower snips the grass, like scissors, leaving finer trimmings to mulch in your yard. With a little care and planning, a push reel mower will not only give you years of quiet, fuel and pollution-free service.
Some experts suggest that a yard over 3,000 square feet is too large to mow with a push mower. Also, because they are set lower, reel mowers won’t go over sidewalk edges or a stone path like power mowers. They don’t degrade air quality (lawn mower engines are terribly inefficient and emit more than 10 times the hydrocarbons per amount of gas burned than auto engines). I always cleared twigs and fallen fruit from beneath my trees before making a pass with the mower. Consider the amount of moisture your lawn receives and the kinds of use it gets so that you’ll know just how short to cut. Not only are reel mowers great for the environment, they require little maintenance and are a great means of exercise. And, they’re cheaper than gas-powered mowers, both in initial outlay and operating costs. After reassembling the mower, he sent me back out to finish the job – with the power mower.

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