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Lateral raises alternative, pain in shoulder - Plans Download

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View full sizeTy DowningStarting position for the lateral raise exercise The main problem is the position of the elbow relative to the shoulder joint, coupled with the weight pulling the hand toward the ground. A much safer alternative to the upright row exercise is the lateral raise, which should be done carefully to avoid shoulder and neck irritation. View full sizeTy DowningEnd position for lateral raise exercise Keep your head and torso absolutely still.

One great benefit of the lateral raise it that it can be done anywhere with minimal equipment.
You can do dumbbell lateral raises while sitting on a stability ball, standing up one leg, sitting on a bench, or holding soup cans in your kitchen. Contact lenses are the most convenient and cost effective alternative to glasses if you suffer from vision impairment.

You are so right about keeping both the hands and the elbows below shoulder level for deltoid lateral raises.

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