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Lat pull downs work what muscles, former marine police headquarters - Plans Download

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In doing this, our patients will be able to create workouts that are balanced in regards to the major muscle groups without worrying about the actual muscles they are using. The pull up is a highly effective exercise for athletes to develop upper back strength, power and size. Performing the pull up on an assisted machine is a great way of gym-goers to take advantage of this great exercise, despite not yet having the strength levels required to perform a body weight pull up. Pulling actions are seen in a number of contact sports where the athlete has to grapple and throw their opponent.

The pull up, which differs from a chin up which has a supinated (under hand) grip, targets the large latissimus dorsi muscle of the upper back. The counter-weight allows the athlete to build up their strength levels over time, eventually reaching enough strength to perform the pull up without any counter-resistance. Additional upper back muscles are also exercised, including the teres major, rhomboids and rear deltoid head. The arm flexors also play a role as the arm flexes during the pull up, but less biceps recruit occurs compared to the chin up due to the mechanically weak position they are placed in due to the over hand grip.

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