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Larissa reis fitness, how to get abs in two days - .

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Equipped with jaw dropping figure, Larissa Reis is a fitness model, fitness expert, nutritionist, certified PROPTA IFBB instructor, and owner of a healthy restaurant. Larissa refers to her fans and followers who always look up to her as an idol, as her biggest source of motivation. Since pre and post workout snacks play imperative role in helping you suit the objective of sleek and curvy figure, Larissa consumes wholesome and nutrient dense snacks. Larissa loves involving her in adventurous and exhilarating activities such as traveling, modeling, photography, surfing etc.

From the cut and high definition muscular figure of Larissa, it’s apparent that she executes plentiful of strength training workouts.
She bestows the entire credit of her ripped figure and positive outlook to her parents who had her focus on fitness and optimum health more than anything else. Larissa dishes out the secrets of her fitness and amazingly poised attitude, let’s have a look. While being very disciplined and resolved, Larissa embraced balanced diet and regular workouts.

The fitness icon indeed performs bountiful of workouts but still squats, glute kickbacks, tricep pushdowns etc.

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