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Ladder workout running, best muscle building workouts at home - Test Out

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Because my running has been feeling so gosh darn good lately, I’ve been getting off the treadmill most mornings with an urge to grab my phone and broadcast each workout to the masses. I hope you are spending at least a portion of this day out running the roads, trails, in the pool or even on the treadmill. Lately, I’ve ventured out to a new area of running that has always been intimidating to me.
My one and only memory of track in high school was watching a meet and seeing a friend pass out while running her event. It’s been awhile since I did a true track workout but I used to love them (in a sadistic kind of way!!).

In order to avoid that boredom I like to switch my workouts up, varying the speed and incline of the treadmill while I run, and ladder workouts are a great way to do that.
In a ladder workout, the intensity gradually builds into a peak point in the middle of the workout. Wake Me Up by Avicii is one of those songs that you can listen to in the car when you’re in a chilled out mood, or when you need a boost of energy in a cardio workout. I usually set distance goals when I run, but I’ve found that if I’m doing a really hilly ride, the distance cycled in a set period of time varies a LOT in comparison to a flatter workout.
They are intimidating when you see the paces but once you are done it’s like you are riding a running high!

To somewhat increase the intensity, try increasing the incline of the treadmill to 2.0 or higher throughout the entire workout. If you ever want to do a track workout with a group come to the Spaulding (Rochester) track Wednesdays at 6pm:) Great tips from the coach and a group to run with can be so helpful to push yourself at the track! Get excited!!!) Each rung on the ladder represents a distance that you’re going to run at a pace that challenges you.

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