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L arginine bodybuilding benefits, basketball leg workout routine - For Begninners

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Arginine is an amino acid that has been investigated for its potential properties in enhancing athletic performance. Under normal circumstances, arginine is synthesised in the body by a complex chain of reactions. Studies have suggested that arginine, given along with its precursor, ornithine, is a strong stimulant for the secretion of human growth hormone (hGC) and other anabolic agents in untrained subjects (Butterfield, 1999).
There has been some evidence in the scientific literature to support arginine as a performance enhancer.
It has been suggested that arginine may be beneficial in building lean mass when consumed in conjunction with other amino acids. Arginine can be stacked with other amino acids to help improve amino acid incorporation into muscles. It has been said that supplementation with citruline may be more effective in producing nitric oxide than using arginine directly. However, when given to trained individuals such as bodybuilders and weight lifters, arginine does not appear to help increase the already high levels of hGC within these people (Williams, 1999).

Elam et al (1989) reported that arginine along with ornithine was successful in being able to increase strength, lean mass, as well as experiencing improved recovery parameters. However you may also find ingredients such as caffeine and creatine to complement the potentially ergogenic effects of arginine. Since L-arginine instigates the body to synthesise more protein, it has been applied for wound healing, bodybuilding and the enhancement of sperm production (spermatogenesis). However, this may be due to inappropriate mixtures and doses, as it has been found that arginine in combination with lysine is needed (Isidori et al, 1981). A more recent study found that a commercial arginine supplement, also containing vitamins C and E, was effective in increasing the endurance threshold of an elderly group of cyclists (Chen et al, 2010). There have been numerous studies that have reported that arginine supplementation improved the condition of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
Thus, in regards to the effect of arginine on increasing anabolic hormones, it may be more effective if you are a beginner, looking to start bodybuilding or weight training. It has been speculated that this works because of the effect arginine has on increasing nitric oxide synthesis, thereby causing vasodilation and increases in endurance.

This effect also seems to be amplified when arginine is given in combination with pycnogenols (a pink bark extract) (MacKay, 2004). It has been estimated that a 70 kg man would be able to tolerate up to 20 g arginine per day over a long period of time (Wu et al, 2007). Symptoms of arginine deficiency include poor wound healing, hair loss, skin rash, constipation and fatty liver. Once you become experienced, arginine supplementation alone may not significantly boost your hormone levels.
However, arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide in the body, and being an amino acids means that it is readily available to everyone.

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