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Knee Injury from HikingI sustained a re-injury to the lateral right knee in a hiking incident on a wet path. One meniscus sits on the inside of the knee joint and is referred to as the medial meniscus. Optimal knee treatment includes avoiding activity, icing the inflammation, gently stretching and warming the area. My first-20 minute treatment tells it all: My Inferno Wrap, from the get-go, provided complete relief, and unquestionably will keep doing the same on the other parts of my injured body.
Thank you for spending time answering my questions and concerns on the Knee Inferno Wrap and wrist products and how to use them.
I went on-line to find help in treating my very painful meniscus and other issues after Arthroscopic surgery on my right knee, that were more severe than my left knee issues had been, so I could find help in speeding up my recovery and get back on my feet again. After receiving the Inferno Knee Wrap, I was having personal issues in how often to use the Knee Wrap and so I called you to help me with this. Because my knee issues are so severe, it will take longer than I want it to, but I am plugging away and using the Inferno Knee Wrap along with stationery bike exercise and I am seeing progress each day. I sprained a ligament in both knees a month ago doing aerobics, and was beginning to feel I would never heal. For years, professional athletes (and privileged individuals) have had access to state of the art treatment therapies that allow them to heal more quickly and more completely than you or I. Knee tendinitis, knee strain, partial knee tears (ACL, MCL or PCL), runner's knee or a hyperextened knees can happen to anyone, not just professional athletes. To make a long story short, since using your products my pain level has gone down immensely and the swelling is finally under control. Every time you flex your knee, those ligaments and muscle tissue move; when they are inflamed, every movement hurts. It is almost impossible to keep from re-straining your knee because even when the pain is gone you still aren't fully healed. If you suspect you may have a knee injury, the first thing to do is consult your physician; only your physician can give you a proper diagnosis and from this, determine a course of proper treatment. Blood Flow - the natural healing process in your body needs assistance for knee injuries because blood flow is greatly restricted when you are immobile. It goes without saying that anyone suffering from a knee injury should want to minimize their chance of worsening the injury, or re-injuring it once it has started to get better. If you have soft tissue knee injury or meniscus injury, it's very important to heal it quickly and completely. The more scar tissue that develops, the more likely your joint will wind up permanently worsened due to chronic pain, arthritis or reduced mobility.
If you have a meniscus injury, knee injury or chronic pain in the knee, you can heal quickly if you treat your injury correctly.
If you have a bad knee injury or chronic condition, you can benefit greatly by treating your injury correctly. Every Knee Freezie Wrap® comes with 2 BONUS gel packs so you will always have one cold to treat your pain! Freezie Wraps® work best because they interrupt and slow nerve and cell function in the damaged knee. In the early days or weeks of your knee injury the inflammation is partly your body's reaction to try to immobilize the injured area. Every Freezie Wrap® is made of high quality, medical grade neoprene that gives you superior, adjustable compression for your knee. An injury to one knee can easily lead to straining in other areas, making an overall recovery hard to initiate.
Heat has been shown to reduce pain sensation by direct action on both free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves.
Localized electromagnetic therapy using lamps tuned to the 2 to 25 micron waveband is used for the treatment and relief of pain by over 40 reputable Chinese medical institutes.
Increased peripheral circulation provides the transport needed to help evacuate edema, which can help inflammation, decrease pain, and help speed healing. The Inferno Wrap® is an effective treatment tool that will accelerate the body's own healing process. As you slowly start to use the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device more frequently, you should find that your knee recovery will accelerate as well.
Before making the transition to crutches, physical therapists prescribe gentle stretching of an injured knee.
Using the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device not only helps minimize the growth of scar tissue, but it also increases the elasticity and strength of the joint.
The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device is an FDA Registered Medical Device and is suitable for repetitive, industrial usage in hospitals and therapeutic clinics. The feedback we have received from so many people who have used our treatment options as part of their healing therapy has been overwhelmingly positive. If you have questions of your own about your situation with a knee related injury, post a question on our Facebook Page.
Use your products diligently for up to 60 days and you will experience a significant reduction in pain.
It sums up a multitude of knee disorders with different causes all centering around the kneecap.
I did have a knee operation about two years ago but there were no time to give it a decent recovery time.

I had a minor MCL tear and bursitis of the knee from a fall on ice in February, yes here in the Southern US, we do have ice sometimes and we don't know how to walk on it. Having had the same surgery on my left knee only 6 months prior, I was not able to recover as fast as my left knee had not yet fully recovered enough to take the full load of both knees. I felt that the knee wrap was helping me, but I was finding that I could not use it to the fullest degree the instructions mentioned.
There are options for a superior level of treatment for knee injuries that you probably do not know about.
This is why athletes that have a serious knee injury can often get back in the game in a matter weeks, while you could suffer for months or even years (in chronic cases). Knee injuries are very common and are often a result of a quick twist or a blow to the knee or overuse of the knee joint. Once this tissue is injured it's painful and becomes very difficult to recover 100% without proper treatment. But, when the pain disappears, that's when we start using our knee normally again even though it isn't fully healed. After seeking medical advice, your physician will almost always recommend conservative treatment options - conservative treatment options for a knee injury typically means rest, ice the injury, elevation of the injury and take anti-inflammatory medication. This is why your physician will always try to opt for the conservative treatment first - usually, it works although it takes time to heal.
When treating Patellar Tendonitis, a Knee Ligament Injury or any soft tissue knee injury, an effective therapy will increase blood flow to the injury while the joint is immobile.
Minimizing the healing time of your knee should be an obvious goal, as a serious knee injury will assuredly limit your ability to go about your daily routine. Scar tissue means that your knee will not perform as well as it once did and it makes it much more prone to injury later on.
The problem is that an injured knee means your blood flow is usually restricted in the area through inactivity and inflammation (swelling). The faster and stronger you heal your knee, the less chance there is for re-injury or knee problems later on. When using a Cold Compression Knee Freezie Wrap®, you can control inflammation and support the knee joint which speeds up healing and clears away the pain. On an injured knee, the Freezie Wrap® will immediately reduce the risk of further damage from increased swelling. RigiGel® can be chilled in the freezer AND remain ice cold for the duration of your treatment. Once blood vessels are damaged they can no longer carry oxygenated blood to the damaged knee and therefore cells begin to break-down. Within moments of applying an Inferno Wrap® to your knee, you can feel the healing sensation due to the increase in blood flow deep within the area. Pain is also at times related to ischemia (lack of blood supply) due to tension or spasm that can be improved by the hyperemia that heat-induced vasodilatation produces, thus breaking the feedback loop in which the ischemia leads to further spasm and then more pain. In one dental study, repeated heat applications led finally to abolishment of the whole nerve response responsible for pain arising from dental pulp. I was introduced to a carpenter (I'll call him Paul) about 6 months ago that had designed and created this device especially for his friend Earl that was attempting to recover from a bad knee injury. The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device already has a ten year successful track record in Canadian physical therapy clinics and hospitals. They don't prescribe this to annoy you - it is in fact the most important part of knee injury recovery.
After using the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device over time, your knee joint will be better prepared to handle higher and higher loads. The odds are certainly in your favor that you too will achieve relief from much of the pain and inflammation that is currently burdening your lifestyle. This injury was very similar to the previous knee injury, so I thought my knee would heal without seeking orthopedic evaluation.
I had very good results with the heat treatment, so when I saw the Inferno Wrap, I knew from past experience that it was probably going to work. Between the ice wrap and the inferno wrap, my knee is better than it was before I injured it this time. I have been using it several times a day for several weeks and I am now pain free and functionally able to resume all activities.
A great number of our clients have achieved their goal of overcoming a debilitating knee injury and have returned back to their regular activities sooner than expected by treating themselves at home. Fortunately, with some of breakthrough products we have engineered, professional treatment is now available to anyone who needs it.
Stretching or tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or the medial collateral ligament (MCL), tearing of the meniscus, tendinitis in the patellar tendon or quadriceps tendon, and Hoffa's Syndrome are all frequent knee injuries.
This is why it is massively important to deal with your Knee Injury properly right from the start.
The Knee Freezie Wrap® provides compression and decreases the temperature in all the major areas of the knee. Traditional methods require your knee to move to promote blood flow, but that same motion that promotes blood flow can also lead to making your pain and condition worse. This goal is further complicated by the fact the knee is involved in the majority of the physical movements we perform each day. Often, knee pain will affect your gait and perhaps even begin to irritate your back as your walking movements compensate for the injury.

During a treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, your injured knee tendons, ligaments, bursa and muscles will feel gently warmed and more relaxed. This energy travels deep inside to the soft tissue in your knee and stimulates the blood flow needed to heal your injury. It is already proven to be highly valued by Canadian physical therapists as a major recovery tool for patients suffering from meniscus injuries, knee ligament injuries and post knee-surgery recovery. This injury was very similar to the previous knee injury, so I thought my knee would without seeking orthopedic evaluation. Everyone has a different capacity for healing and different circumstances behind their pain and discomfort. I started using a heating pad with a massage feature to relieve pain and found that the heat helped tremendously, but did not radiate deep enough into my knee.Since I am a Certified Rehabilitation RN [Registered Nurse], I started researching the Internet looking for a product that would provide radiant heat.
Then at age 65 I began to have achilles tendon inflammation which became extremely painful. Even this aging body was able to repair and stretch my achilles tendon with exercise, and the cold and warm treatments from your products. I still continue using the Inferno Knee Wrap on a daily basis in hopes that I can prevent another knee injury. Regardless of the type of soft tissue that is damaged, it is painful and your knee can feel very unstable. Everyone has demands that make them keep going and when we are active we prevent the knee from healing completely.
When you have a knee injury, however, there is not much blood flow in your injured knee; inflammation and lack of joint movement reduces the flow of blood to the area. The Knee Inferno Wrap® is the most highly effective blood flow stimulation device that you will find on the market.
But some knee injuries and medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis, can lead to increasing pain, joint damage and disability if left untreated.
You need to reduce the inflammation in your knee and avoid re-injury to see a reduction in pain.
It will stay in place when you place it on your knee and will work to provide you with cold compression throughout the course of the treatment. Most commonly, the injury occurs on the dominant knee, so the risk of straining the other knee becomes increased - this often occurs when climbing stairs as you will naturally force your other knee to handle much more of the workload. Research is continuing and soon, much of North America will know what the Far East and Europe has known for a long time; electromagnetic energy provides a wide range of health benefits for those not only suffering from knee injuries, but for many other ailments as well. Once the foot was in the bag, he should stretch and strengthen his knee by sliding his foot forward and back across the floor. For over a month, I could not get up out of my chair without assistance and I thought my knee was never going to heal.
I started using a heating pad with a massage feature to relieve the pain and found that the heat helped, but did not radiate deep enough into my knee. I still continue to use the Inferno Knee Wrap on a daily basis in hopes that I can prevent another knee injury. They are here to help you develop a personalized plan to overcome your pain and discomfort.
We continually re-injure the area through our daily activities which can often lead to knee replacement surgery later in life. The Cold Compression Knee Freezie Wrap® is very effective at reducing swelling and the pain associated with swelling. Once you have read more about our therapies, you will understand that we have the unique ability to provide you with the best treatment options available to you at home. Many of the muscles that surround the knee are connected to muscles in the hip and ankle; because of this, knee pain can cause debilitation from the torso down, impeding your lifestyle in a very real way. The longer the injury (and corresponding pain) persists, the greater the chance that you will sustain more strain from overcompensation, eventually leading to issues in those areas as well. Once treatment is complete, you also have the option of tightening the straps to provide light compression support for your injured joint. Earl complained of the intense pain he encountered when the bag inevitably creased and folded thereby jerking his knee, and soon after that, the first Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device was created. So much so, I had to go to a wheel chair so I would not ruin either of my knees or my back which is suffering from degenerative discs. To minimize the potential for secondary injuries, know that it is important to deal with your knee injury quickly and completely.
We welcome those, who are serving or have served, and are dealing with painful injuries and physical conditions to contact us to see how we can help. I still continue using the Inferno Knee Wrap on a daily basis in hopes that I can prevent another knee injury.Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Some of our clients use the Knee Freezie Wrap® at home and work, keeping a spare pack charging the fridge or freezer at the office and home!
This treatment has been unbelievably successful for me and I have told everyone I know about this product.

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