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Kimbo slice ufc first fight, diet plans for weight loss - How to DIY

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Though short-lived MMA sensation Kimbo Slice hasn’t stepped into a cage since losing to Matt Mitrione in May 2010, the 38-year old is still actively fighting as a boxer with his latest in-ring performance coming over the weekend against Brian Green. While the ending was certainly exciting to those with a less discerning eye, former UFC heavyweight Sean McCorkle felt the result was a little too good to be true, especially given the curious behavior of both men throughout the match.
In the end, McCorkle stated he understood the need to market Slice in a certain way but bouts such as the one he witnessed over the weekend were an embarrassment to all combat sports.
This is definitely Kimbo’s biggest win since punching some fat guy at backyard grill party. The Bo fight was definitely fishy and the Thompson fight will forever go down as one of the most surreal moments in MMA. Under Gary Shaw Productions and Tony Holden Promotions, Slice will make his professional debut in a four-round main event fight at the Buffalo Run Casino.

After making his name in street fight videos that gained millions of views on YouTube, Slice took a shot at mixed martial arts with varied results. Slice will make his boxing debut, and Shaw, who also worked with the fighter during his time as a mixed martial artist when he was under the EliteXC banner, believes he has a big future in the sport as a heavyweight. Street fighters do horribly in the UFC because it takes serious commitment to master one martial art and even more commitment to be a successful mixed martial artist.
Hey mendo 420, take your lips off the bong and go ask Seth Petruzelli how good of a boxer Kimbo is. Slice made his pro boxing debut on August, 2011 and fought in a four-round headlining attraction against 39-year-old James Wade at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma.
In the bout, Slice ran his record to 4-0 with a knockout in the competition’s final seconds and likely avoided a decision loss in the process.

I believe or at least I suspect his fight against Bo was fixed…actually Im positive that was fixed and his fight against Petrizelli was fixed in a way.
On October 15, Kimbo returned to the boxing ring, defeating Tay Bledsoe via KO in the first round.
On December 30, Kimbo defeated Charles Hackmann by unanimous decision, winning three out of four rounds.

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