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I employ kettlebell complexes for the singular function of augmenting metabolic capacity, and I would argue that that is how everyone ought to employ them. So, if fatigue is generally unavoidable with capacity training—which it is—then we ought to construct our complexes from movements that are not of such a high technical skill. Pat Flynn is the founder of Chronicles of Strength, publisher of the Chronicles of Strength Newsletter, and chief contributor to the Chronicles of Strength Inner Circle – a membership site dedicated to helping others grow strong(er) and get lean(er) through kettlebell training and primal fitness approaches. But it was ex-Soviet Special Forces (Spetsnaz) instructor Pavel Tsatsouline that introduced them to America in 1998 with his article “Vodka, Pickle Juice and Kettlebells” for Milo magazine, a strength journal for those interested in the most functional, serious training available.
Add in the high-tension lifts such as the overhead press, the getup, and the squat, and one has more than a complete exercise program; they have a seriously state-of-the-art training program that will actually deliver the results it promises.
Plus, by sheer necessity, kettlebell training will help bring out the athlete inside you, even if you never played sport. But growing up and growing old is not for sissies and kettlebell training will give you another component that’s essential for life as well as fitness: toughness. Yet for all its usefulness for the athletic Elite, the kettlebell’s basic moves, particularly the swing and the getup, are truly the People’s exercises. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Athlete, Conditioning, Functional Training, Kettlebell, Kettlebells, Martial Arts, rkc, Simple & Sinister, strength training, Workout.

If not constructed thoughtfully and with a proper understanding of the primary function of the thing itself, you will not have a complex.
What they have failed to understand, however, is that capacity training does not need to be so complex or cluttered to be effective.
I have even put together a free eBook of 101 of my favorite kettlebell complexes for blasting fat and boosting muscle.
It is merely the consequence of what results when you enter the bathroom with Enter the Kettlebell in one hand, Dante’s Inferno in the other, and read them both in the very same session. The first of which, is that you must own the technique of the all the collective kettlebell techniques individually. Pat Flynn is also a certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor, and other things of the sort. In use for at least 300 years, these weights and the basic techniques gained popularity in the Russian Military for being the most efficient way to get troops into fighting shape fast, and keep them battle ready on the field — with the minimum of equipment. Ballistic kettlebell training revolves around swinging the weights (ballistics) as well as lifting the bells in a traditional manner (grinds). Compelling in a way a treadmill or plate-loaded machine can never be, kettlebell swinging and lifting requires balance, coordination, core control, hand-eye coordination, and teaches the trainee to move as an athlete, hips first.

While the “czar of all kettlebell lifts” may be technically more demanding than the swing, it is still a relatively low-skill movement—particularly when compared to something like the barbell snatch.
Celebrities, pro athletes and everyday people looking to shed a few pounds and get some muscle tone are looking to the kettlebell for some help. The kettlebell and our methods of swinging and lifting the bells maximize this functionality. Ask the military, law enforcement, martial artists, and athletes around the world that put the kettlebell square in the center of their training.
By the time you put your exercise clothes on and get to your car to start your drive to the gym, your kettlebell workout is over and you’re already a better man or woman. And what I’m saying is this can be achieved conveniently, cleanly, and safely through kettlebell complex training.

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