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Kettlebell chest workout routines, best selling exercise dvds 2012 - Reviews

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Kettlebell is among the most efficient fitness equipment which can be used in several ways, for bodybuilding, strength training and cardio as well. There are hundreds of workouts out there, but it is not easy to find kettlebell chest exercises. You can integrate the mentioned kettlebell exercises into your weight or bodyweight routine. Nevertheless, there is a fantastic version of this exercise, the one arm kettlebell bench fly.
There are several push-ups variations out there, but this is my favorite one since it is really difficult and works the chest muscles exceptionally.
Because of the form of the kettlebells it is extremely hard to keep the position and the balance of your body. Snatch: Perform a regular kettlebell swing, but instead of stopping the motion midways, allow it to come all the way up until your arm is fully extended above your head.
Kettlebell swing from a kneeing position: Very similar to the regular kettlebell swing, but instead of standing up you will be down on one knee. Iron cross hold: Take two kettlebells and lift them to your sides until your arms are parallel to the ground.
Straight arm extensions (front): Raise the kettlebell in front of you while keeping your arm fully extended and locked.
Straight arm extensions (side): Raise the kettlebell to one side while keeping your arm fully extended and locked. Straight arm extensions (back): Raise the kettlebell behind your back while keeping your arm fully extended and locked. Shoulder press holding the kettlebell by its horn and the bell facing upwards: Perform a regular shoulder press while keeping the kettlebell’s bell portion facing up. Kettlebell side press: While keeping your feet fairly wide, lean your upper body towards one side and perform an upwards facing pressing motion.

Side leans: While standing with your feet shoulder with apart and holding a kettlebell in one hand, slowly lean to the other side without twisting your body forwards or backwards. Renegade row: Get into a regular plank position with one palm firmly placed on the ground and other on a kettlebell. Push-up renegade row to side press: Get yourself into a plank position with one hand placed on a kettlebell.
Overhead squat: Keep two kettlebells in fully extended arms while performing a regular deep squat.
Farmers walk: Take to heavy kettlebells and walk around while keeping your back nice and tight. Bench press: Perform a regular bench press, but instead of using a barbell or dumbbells, use two kettlebells. Staggered push-ups: Perform a regular military push-up while keeping one hand on the ground and one hand on a kettlebell.
Push-ups on kettlebells: You can use two large kettlebells as push-up handles in order to perform a “deeper” push-up.
Diamond push-ups on a kettlebell: Place both pals on one kettlebell and perform a regular push-up. Behind the head triceps extensions: Hold a kettlebell in an extended arm just above your head.
However, there are several exceptionally powerful moves you can do to shape and strengthen your chest muscles. To tell the truth, I have not done this exercise before, but I’m sure it is very useful for improving the definition of the chest.
I have not found any more kettlebell chest exercises, although I’m sure there are several other moves.
We believe that kettlebell is a great tool for developing mobility, explosive strength and upper body endurance.

Before gravity pulls the kettlebell back down, punch out and allow the kettlebell to take the same trajectory it used to come up.
While engaging your shoulder muscles and trapezius pull the kettlebell up as high as you can. In order to make it more challenging you will hold the kettlebell in the arm that is facing up. Bend your leg (the one on the same side where you have the kettlebell) and by driving your heel in the ground rotate your body towards the other side. Hold the kettlebell in front of your chest and slowly twist your torso from one side to the other.
While keeping a strong core and good posture lift the kettlebell up towards your chest and slowly back down. While balancing on one leg, squat down and lean forward until the kettlebell touches the floor. Lower the kettlebell behind your head while keeping the upper part of the arm (the one attached to the shoulder) relatively straight. While keeping your arms and shoulders fairly stiff, start to rapidly move the kettlebell from your shoulder to hip (across your torso).
When you are in the middle of the renegade row, twist your body slightly sideways and push the kettlebell up towards the ceiling.
You can pick and choose the exercises to fit your needs and develop a great full-body workout routine. Slide a leg (the one from the side where you don’t have the kettlebell) underneath the bridge and place your knee on the ground.

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