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Rumoxil oil is a special blend of ayurvedic herbs and pain relieving oils that not only gives natural relief from joint pain and stiffness but also strengthens the bone tissues, the skeletal and the neuromuscular systems, giving easy movement of joints and muscles. The herbal oils used in this anti-arthritic formula have been known since years for their deep penetrating abilities right into the dermal layers soothing the nerves and cells beneath the skin resulting in quick relief from pain and discomfort. When it comes to Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Oil, Gayatri Herby Tech Pharmaceutical is known as a trusted company in market. Applications : Massaging and warming treatment over the affected area and stimulants of Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil who increase the blood circulation of affected areas and cleared the metabolic waste and crystal uric acid which is strode in bends and jointa of our body and provide Relaxation from pain. Pukhraj Herbal-55 Pain Relief oil is the mixture of various natural ingredients like Nilgiri, Winter Green Oil and Olive oil, provides quick recovery for every kind of pain.
Pukhraj Herbal-55 Instant Pain Relief Oil is very useful in pain diseases like Cervical and Arthritis. The active ingredients of Rumoxil oil penetrate the body tissue faster due to its strong anti-inflammatory action, remove stiffness and improve mobility of limbs.

Rumoxil oil is intensively researched herbal arthritis joint pain relief oil that nourishes joint cartilage, maintains healthy bone, and reduces inflammation.
It is recommended to use this herbal arthritis joint pain relief oil consistently for 3 to 4 months to get satisfactory result. It is high quality herbal arthritis joint pain relief oil and can be purchased securely from this website.
We are the foremost Manufacturer & Supplier of Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Oil, which we offer under the brand name of Jointa.
Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil also provide essential Nutrients fro bone and muscles so it is useful in Arthritis, Gout Muscular Pain, Cramps, stiffness of joints and neck, sciatica, Bone spur , sprains and leg cramps. Merged with various natural herbs like Eucalyptus, Olive oil, Dhatura and Cedrus Deodara Oil it provides fast recovery from any kind of pain. It contains olive oil, contains a compound called oleocanthal which helps to prevent inflammation occurs due to arthritis.

This herbal massage oil is useful in a number of joint and muscle related problems such as backaches, rheumatic pains, arthritis, frozen shoulder, lumbar pain, muscular strains, sciatica, etc.
Regular massage of the affected area with this oil provides long lasting relief from any types of bodily pains and increases joint mobility and flexibility.
Use this herbal arthritis joint pain relief oil twice or thrice daily for 3 to 4 months to ease joint pain and increase mobility and flexibility. It is a non-prescription anti-inflammatory herbal arthritis joint pain relief oil made of valuable and time-tested herbal ingredients and can be used with other herbal products or medicines.
Rumoxil oil when used along with Rumoxil capsule provides a complete natural joint support and eases pain and lubricates joints.

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