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Everyone who harbours an interest in bodybuilding, from the steroid-addled pros to the scrawny weekend warriors, would not be lifting iron if it were not for Weider. So, as our way of saying thank you to Weider, who passed away earlier this year, GymTalk have decided to bring you the story behind this legendary figure, this charismatic prophet and bodybuilding Goliath, who promoted the gospel of fitness with the evangelical zeal of a muscle-bound Christ. If Eugen Sandow was the father of modern bodybuilding, and Arnie was the precocious first son, then Joe Weider was the all-powerful godfather, a Don Corleone figure, chomping on a fat cigar while directing all the action from a smoky backroom office. Josef Weider was born in Montreal, Canada some time between 1919-1922 (no-one really knows), to a Jewish family of Polish Emigrants. Weighing in at just seven stone, Weider was a scrawny kid, an easy target for the bullies who made a game of tormenting and beating up the local Jewish kids (not one I think Hasbro could ever market). One day, as he was thumbing through a magazine called ‘Strength and Health’, Weider was mesmerised by the pictures of muscular wrestlers, boxers and weightlifters. Weider decided to save up money for a barbell set, but, to his dismay, he couldn’t find one anywhere.
The first time he lifted this makeshift 75-pound bar, Weider knew his life was going to change. After being invited to join a local weightlifting club, the increasingly muscular Weider began winning a string of local strongman contests. In 1936, at the age of just 16, when most boys of his age were smoking cigarettes and wanking into socks, Weider, with a meagre budget of just $7, began working on the first issue of a Mimeographed instruction-magazine which was to be called ‘Your Physique’. He wrote every article and drew every illustration himself, and the first issue was stapled together by Weider’s own hands.
Overflowing with ambition and enthusiasm, Weider channeled his passion with a determination which he later described as being akin to a “religious fervour”. This unique style became a roaring success, and The Weider Empire soon became a juggernaut, tearing through the publishing industry like a runaway train, relentlessly spreading the Weider fitness gospel through dozens and dozens of different publications.
Weider also went on to author many books about bodybuilding, the most notable of which was The Weider System of Bodybuilding (1981).

To give you some idea of the monopoly that Weider had over this industry, in 2003 he sold his magazine empire to American Media for a cool $357m! To coincide with his muscle-building magazines, Weider had begun to organise bodybuilding contests in cities across the United States and Europe.
Then, in 1946, Joe, with the help of his brother Ben who had just returned from serving in the Second World War, initiated the first Mr Canada competition. Despite a few teething problems, this contest became a rip-roaring, sell-out success, and, together, the Weider brothers co-founded the IFBB.
Much like Weider’s publishing empire, the IFBB has grown immensely over the years, sanctioning contests at both amateur and professional levels all around the globe. In 1965, to compete with the Mr Universe competition, Joe and Ben created the Mr Olympia, the “champion’s championship”, and, with it, the modern era of bodybuildng was born. In 1967, Joe, who was always sniffing out apostles to spread his message, travelled to Europe, where he met a young Austrian bodybuiler who was making a name for himself in the fitness industry.
This bodybuilder was of course Arnold Schwarzenegger, and, after a great deal of correspondence, Weider managed to twist Arnie’s arm and convince him to travel to the United States to pursue his dream.
Once the Austrian Oak arrived in the US, Weider funded the young bodybuilder’s first apartment in Santa Monica, bought him a car, gave him enough money to make ends meet, and paid him $100 a week to write magazine articles that endorsed various Weider products. It was also Weider who, along with Reg Park, convinced Schwarzenegger to pursue a career in acting. Weider even told lies to the American film studios about Arnie’s acting experience, declaring that the young Austrian had played Iago in a German touring production of Othello, putting in a performance that was so raw, intense and disturbing that many of the audience were too scared to stay for the second half (you can take that one of two ways). Schwarzenegger later reflected that Weider “didn’t just inspire my earliest dreams, he made them come true”.
Over the course of his relationship with bodybuilding, Weider gathered together and honed many of bodybuilding’s most effective training principles. These techniques, which are commonly referred to as ‘The Weider Principles’, include such staples as Pyramiding, Supersets, and Pre-exhaustion training.

Joe Weider’s vision, hard work and daring salesmanship revolutionised the fitness industry, ushering in a new age of health and wellness. Indeed, he often compared himself to a savior figure, such as Moses and Ghandi, and, it would not be uncommon while flicking through copies of Muscle & Fitness to find hundreds of pictures of Weider, all part of a veritable conveyabelt of self-promotion and self-congratulation. Lee with Joe Weider after a workout, circa 1992, taken in the days after the Mr.Olympia competition in Helsink, FInland. Joe Weider shares a lighthearted moment with Gold's Gym and World Gym founder Joe Gold in this mid-60's photo. A couple of weeks later, Joe flew me out to Los Angeles for my first photo shoot for Muscle & Fitness magazine. On the inside of the book, in Joe’s handwriting, are the words I love you, (signed) Joe Weider. Joe was waiting by the side of the stage, and I couldn’t wait to have my photo taken with him. Often it was just changing an angle a little here and there., but you knew that with Joe on the set, the photos would be awesome. Without Joe Weider and his brother Ben, all of us bodybuilders might still be relegated to an afterthought at a weight lifting tournament.
The Weiders created modern bodybuilding as we know it, and gave birth to the modern sports nutrition industry.

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