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The Regimen: Jillian Michaels Workouts, Exercises, Recipes, Meals - Everything You Need to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Back In Shape! Lose weight anytime, anywhere with Jillian's cutting-edge mobile app, custom fitness and meal plans, trackers, and so much more. Follow Jillian's demonstration and get step-by-step instruction in these exercise videos — for every move and every fitness level! From warm ups to cool downs and every circuit in between, get essential, just-for-you, daily workouts — straight from Jillian. Lose weight and stay on track wherever you go with Jillian's cutting-edge iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.
Designed by America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels, this weight loss program promises to transform your body with the most efficient diet and fitness plan in just 90 days.
All 15 workouts are handpicked and crafted by Jillian herself, for their superior ability to scorch fat, sculpt muscle, and efficiently target typical trouble zones.

Jillian Helped Karen Lose 94* pounds!"Losing weight is such a personal journey, but joining the online program was a way for me to find additional support. Exclusively at Crunch, JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED is based on her 3-2-1 interval training approach: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of core, all packed into an intense 30-minute workout. Jillian's Slim-Down Solution iPad and iPhone apps offer a calorie counter, healthy recipes, exercise videos, motivational tips and so much more. Jillian recently announced she'll be returning to The Biggest Loser for Season 14, premiering in January 2013. Jillian has more than 150 delicious and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner — even snacks and dessert — for your metabolism and body type!
With Jillian, you'll get straight talk and no gimmicks — just real solutions to weight loss. Connect with Jillian's online community — make friends, share tips, and jump into the inspirational conversations.

This technique not only burns more calories while you are training but it also speeds up your metabolism long after you have finished working out so you keep burning fats and calories at a higher rate, for up to 16 hours after your exercise.
The exercises are low-impact but results-focused that are designed to blast fats and calories using weights, resistance cable, and cardio moves.
You also get to use the same techniques and philosophies that Jillian used to transform her Biggest Loser contestants.

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